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Cinnamon buns: How can I make them and where can I buy them?

They're predicted to be the bake of lockdown 2.0

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Cinnamon buns have been predicted to be the most popular bake of the second lockdown.

First time around, Brits became obsessed with baking banana bread.

Now, with winter and all things festive on the agenda, thoughts are turning to something with a little more spice.

cinnamon buns covered in icing
There’s nothing more Christmassy than the smell of cinnamon (Credit: Unsplash)

What are cinnamon buns?

A cinnamon bun consists of a sheet of dough, onto which butter is spread and cinnamon and sugar are sprinkled.

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The dough is then rolled, cut into wheel-like portions and baked in the oven.

Once it’s out the oven, a thick gooey icing is sometimes drizzled over the top.

Why is everyone suddenly obsessed?

After the nation went banana bread crazy during the first lockdown, this time around they were looking for something with more of an autumn/winter flavour.

Cinnamon is the taste of Christmas. It’s found in everything from Christmas pudding and mince pies to warm glasses of mulled wine.

So it was only natural that, with the festive season now upon us, Brits wanted to get Christmassy in the kitchen this time around.

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In fact, Waitrose has revealed that a cinnamon buns recipe on its website is by far the most popular at the moment.

It revealed views are up 692% year on year.

Can someone please drop some warm cinnamon buns and coffee at mine so I can feel motivated to get out of bed,” one fan of the pastry treat posted on Twitter.

cinnamon buns on a plate
Enjoy them warm from the oven and covered in icing (Credit: Pexels)

Where can I buy the best?

All the supermarkets sell cinnamon buns in their bakeries.

You’ll be able to pick them up in store or online with your weekly shop.

Can someone please drop some warm cinnamon buns and coffee at mine so I can feel motivated to get out of bed.

If you’re venturing out, you’ll be able to find some delicious freshly made ones at your local bakery.

Plus it’ll make you feel all warm inside that you’re supporting a local business.

However, because you’re not baking them at home, you’ll miss out on a huge part of the appeal.

The smell of Christmas that’ll fill your home as they cook is irresistible!

Packet of Cinnamon Swirls by Jus-Rol
The Jus-Rol Cinnamon Swirls make baking easy peasy (Credit: Ocado)

How can I make them myself?

There are so many recipes online with varying degrees of difficulty, depending on whether you make your pastry from scratch or buy it ready made from a shop.

If you fancy baking them yourself without too much effort, Jus-Rol has a great bake-at-home option.

All you have to do is pop the dough out of the tin and then shape, bake and enjoy them warm.

The kit also comes with a pot of icing.

It costs around £2 and makes six.

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