Galaxy fruit and nut

Chocoholics thrilled as Galaxy Fruit and Nut makes a UK comeback

A sweet take on the Cadbury classic

The Galaxy Fruit and Nut bar has returned to UK shores and chocoholics are delighted

The bar was discontinued here “years ago”.

And now fans of the fruity, creamy, nutty chocolate are thrilled to hear it’s back.

“Oh my god!” one exclaimed.

Galaxy fruit and nut
Galaxy Fruit and Nut bars have returned to the UK (Credit: GB Gifts)

The bar features the creamiest Galaxy milk chocolate studded with hazelnuts and sultanas.

For those who haven’t tried it, it’s just like a Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, but sweeter.

Kev’s Snack Reviews posted a review of the bar online and we bet we’re not the only ones drooling reading it.

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He said: “It’s the silky Galaxy chocolate we all remember embedded with sultanas and hazelnuts, and is a nice nostalgia trip!”

Childhood chocolate memories

Kev added: “This took me right back to eating this chocolate as a kid – ah the memories!”

He added: “I had relatives who would buy the big blocks of them, back in the days when chocolate bars were still BIG.”

The chocolate bar won’t be on sale in regular supermarkets, however.

Galaxy fruit and nut
The bars are available to buy now (Credit: Instagram/GBGifts)

It has, in fact, been imported from Dubai by sweetie website GB Gifts.

If you’re a fan – or just want to try the bars – you can order them online here now.

They’re priced at £2.49 per 36g bar, so make sure you’re home alone when the delivery arrives so you don’t have to share!

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“Galaxy Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bars Now Available @gbgifts,” the post confirmed.

It continued: “Discontinued in the UK years ago.”

“Omg must try!!” said one fan.

“Yum!” said another.

This took me right back to eating this chocolate as a kid – ah the memories!

“WHAT! Game changer!” another declared.

“One for you,” said another chocolate fan, tagging their pal.

Others commented with the love heart eye emoji.

Other Galaxy goodies

A little look on the site also shows another Galaxy product that’s got us drooling.

Galaxy fruit and nut
You can also buy white chocolate Flutes on the site (Credit: GB Gifts)

Galaxy Flutes are available on there in a white chocolate version and they feature the tradition Flutes wafer shell but inside is a deliciously creamy white chocolate filling.

They’ve also been imported from Dubai, where it seems the sweetie offerings are way better than we get here in the UK.

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