marmite hummus

Marmite HUMMUS is on sale at Tesco and shoppers are disgusted

It's been branded a "sick joke" by haters

They say you either love it or hate it and Brits have most definitely made their minds up about Marmite’s latest launch – Marmite hummus.

Yes, such a “delicacy” exists and the foodie jury is in…

“I like Marmite. I like hummus. But this is an abomination,” said one hater on Twitter.

“I second that statement in it’s entirety,” said another.

Marmite hummus
A hummus flavoured with Marmite is on sale now (Credit: Tesco)

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” another stated.

“Rubbish,” said another.

“Don’t we have enough to contend with at the moment,” said another, adding the green vomit emoji.

No… Just no… Stop this abomination!”

“That’s an insult!” said another.

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“Disgusting,” slammed another.

The offending item is on sale in Tesco now.

It costs £1.50 for the 200g pot.

The description reads: “Cooked chickpeas with Marmite, tahini sesame seed paste, lemon juice from concentrate and garlic purée.”

It’s thought the idea might have come about after a Marmite fan posted a picture on Twitter of what he called the “lunch of the gods”.

The picture showed two pieces of toast spread with hummus and Marmite.

The spread’s official account reposted the picture and said: “Marmite and hummus anyone?”

Haters gonna hate

While the recipe idea didn’t exactly get rave reviews on Twitter, that didn’t stop Marmite going and creating the product.

“No… Just no… Stop this abomination!” screamed one hater online.

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“Haven’t we already gone through enough hardship this year???” said another.

“No. No. A thousand times no,” another tweeted.

Please tell me that this is no more then a sick joke and the honourable name of Marmite isn’t really to be infected with hummus,” slammed another.

“The thought of it makes me want to throw up,” said another.

The lovers hit back

However, some were on board with the idea.

I love both Marmite and hummus. This is the pairing of my dreams,” said one lover.

That actually sounds delicious! The salty goodness of Marmite with the nutty creaminess of hummus!” drooled another.

“I can’t wait to try it,” said another.

We have a feeling the lovers may be in the minority on this one…

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