Jaffa cake ice lollies

Jaffa Cake ice lollies exist and they have a JELLY centre that early testers love

A Jaffa Cake trifle also exists…

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We come bearing good news if you’re a lover of Jaffa Cakes. Just in time for summer, Morrisons has launched Jaffa Cake ice lollies!

Yes, really!

The supermarket has answered the prayers of Jaffa Cake junkies across the nation by bringing together the classic chocolate biscuits and ice cream.

There’s good news for Jaffa Cake fans (Credit: McVitie’s)

The Jaffa Cake ice lollies sound pretty much like a chilled version of the popular treat.

They even feature that trademark Jaffa Cake jelly!

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“The jelly lollies feature chocolate ice cream, topped with sweet orange jelly and a chocolate-flavoured coating,” a Morrisons rep told ED!.

They added: “They have already proven to be a hit amongst the Instagram glitterati, so customers will have to be quick if they want to get their hands on a box.”

At just 99 calories per lolly, they’re a slimline treat that will keep customers cool as temperatures soar this week.

How much are they?

Early taste testers seemed to love them – and the low price point.

Jaffa cake ice lollies
The Jaffa Cake ice lollies are on sale now (Credit: Morrisons)

They’re on sale now for just £1 for five.

You can get them in store and online.

“The orange part is very tangy but the chocolate ice cream is very nice. Can’t go wrong for a quid,” said one fan.

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“Total value for money. The orange jelly is the star,” said another.

“Just the right amount of chocolate and the jelly is lovely and tangy,” cooed another. “And chocolate ice cream, what’s not to like?!” they said.

Just the right amount of chocolate and the jelly is lovely and tangy.

The reviewer added they were “good for the price”.

However, that’s not the only Jaffa Cake-inspired food product that’s launched recently.

More Jaffa Cake goodies

Jaffa Cake fans will be thrilled to hear that, as well as the Jaffa Cake ice lollies, a Jaffa Cake trifle is also on sale.

“New Jaffa Layered Dessert, £3 at Tesco!” screamed foodie blogger Kev’s Snack Reviews.

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The trifle features layers of “rich chocolate sponge” and an orange jelly for a “light, creamy treat”.

“Wow!” said one fan – and we couldn’t agree more!

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