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Thursday 9th July 2020

Cadbury Roses lovers up in arms over Tesco pricing ‘scandal’

Shoppers say Tesco can "shove it"

Shoppers have slammed supermarket Tesco over its pricing of boxes of Cadbury Roses.

While the store may have been "delivering Christmas for 100 years", some think it has got things wrong when it comes to the cost of the sweet treats.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted a 275g box of Roses for £5.

However, a little further along the shelves they spied a 290g box for just £2.

This 290g box of Roses costs just £2 in store (Credit: Tesco)

Admittedly the later were on offer – down from £3 – but it means you'll be paying more than double the price for less chocolates if you buy the £5 box.

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By buying the £2 box, shoppers get 15g more chocolate – and save themselves £3.

This more "fancy" 275g box, however, costs £5 in store (Credit: Tesco)

And, if you were to buy two of the £2 boxes, you'd end up with 580g of Roses – and save £1 compared to buying the £5 box.

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One shopper posted images of the chocolates on the shelves and said the pricing was "utterly disgusting".

£5 for 275g of roses or £2 for 290g box – £3 difference for a fancy box. They can shove it!
The Sun reported that another said the store could "shove it" and the only difference they could see was a "fancy box".

They said: "£5 for 275g of roses or £2 for 290g box – £3 difference for a fancy box. They can shove it!"

This 800g tin is on sale for £8 online (Credit: Tesco)

However, a little look at Tesco online shows the store is offering the £5 box for delivery – at a discount!

Shoppers can snap it up for £3 at the moment.

There's also a 800g tin of Roses on sale for £8.

A Cadbury rep said: "With regards to the price of Cadbury Roses, we provide a recommended retail price but it is up to the retailer to decide the price listed on the shelf for consumers throughout Christmas and the rest of the year."

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