Cadbury launches a triple whammy of new Christmas sweets and Brits are thrilled

One of them tastes just like the Quality Street green triangle!

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All our Christmases have come at once with the news that Cadbury has launched three delicious new bags of Christmas sweets.

Yes the chocolate giant has launched a triple whammy of new products.

And we can’t wait to try them all!

First on our must-scoff list is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Robins with Daim.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Robins with Daim are back for 2020 (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

They were around last Christmas and obviously proved to be so popular that Cadbury has decided to relaunch them for 2020.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Robins return

The 88g bag features delicious individually wrapped Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Robins.

And some are saying they’re about to become their “new chocolate obsession”.

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Kev’s Snack Reviews spotted them on sale at B&M.

“NEW!” Kev screamed. “Some Christmas snacks now in @bm_stores!”

“I stocked up on the Cadbury Robins last Christmas,” said one fan. “So happy to see them back!”

“This makes me want to cry! I’m so excited for Christmas,” another declared.

“Ohhhh yum,” said a third.

“I think the Robins will become your new chocolate obsession,” said another tagging their pal.

“Oh my gosh! I know where I’m going today!” another chocoholic admitted, as they headed to their neared B&M.

This makes me want to cry! I’m so excited for Christmas.

“We need to stock up!!!” another declared.

“Get me a Daim Robin ASAP!” another soon-to-be fan demanded.

Where can I get them?

If you can’t find them at B&M, you can pick them up from the Cadbury Gifts Direct website for £1.49 per bag.

Two new Cadbury Jingly Bells flavours have also gone on sale (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

And, while you’re there, check out the brand-new Jingly Bells.

They too retail at £1.49 for an 82g bag and come in two favours – Hazelnut Creme and Chocolate Noisette.

Foodie blogger HelenJTea has already tried both and posted her findings to Instagram.

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“Okay it’s still August, but I couldn’t wait to try these as I am a big hazelnut fan,” she said.

Helen then revealed the reminded her of another much-loved Christmas sweet.

Just like the green triangle!

“These remind me of the Quality Street green triangle. The hazelnut creme has a slightly smoother, softer texture than the noisette, but they tasted pretty similar,” she added.

“Definitely recommend, even though it’s four months until Christmas.”

One follower asked about the difference in flavour between the two Jingly Bells.

Helen was happy to explain.

“The noisette is chocolate and hazelnut, while the hazelnut creme is just hazelnut. There’s not much difference to be honest, but the hazelnut creme is softer in texture and slightly creamier,” she posted.

We’re not sure we can take your word for it, Helen, so we think we’ll have to try both!

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