Brits urge woman to ‘seek help’ after she shares picture of her full English breakfast with PEAS

With beans!

Brits have urged a woman to “seek help” after she posted a picture of her full English breakfast online.

And, far from getting mouths watering, the plate of food was so controversial it even got a mention on Lorraine.

The dish in question was uploaded to the Rate My Plate Twitter feed.

Full English staples including hash browns, sausages, eggs and beans were on the woman’s plate.

She also prepared a side of freshly-buttered toast.

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A couple of slices of gammon caused some concern.

However, it was the addition of peas that sparked controversy.

People went so far as to comment that the poster – a woman named only as Jessica M – should “seek help”.

Some compared the plate of grub to “prison food”.

A “crime against breakfast”

Another said it was a “crime against breakfast”.

“No… no… never peas. Crime against breakfast,” they said.

“OMG! Who has peas with breakfast??” asked another.

Why would you ruin this relatively promising start to the day with peas? Why? It makes no sense.

“It’s a criminal offence to consumer peas before noon,” another said.

“Peas have no place on that plate,” said another.

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“Peas and beans have no business being on the same plate,” said another.

Another asked: “Who the hell wants peas for breakfast?”

“Peas and fried egg do not go,” another stated.

“Makes no sense”

“Why would you ruin this relatively promising start to the day with peas? Why? It makes no sense. Who made you think this was ok? This is NOT ok. Please stop doing this,” another pleaded.

“Peas? On a fried breakfast? Give over,” said another.

Do peas belong on a full English? (Credit: Birds Eye)

Even frozen pea giant Birds Eye got in on the debate.

The brand’s Helen Fraser said: “We know Brits are crazy for peas, in fact the average person eats nearly 9,000 a year – but we can safely say we’ve not seen them added to an English breakfast before!”

However, some decided that the breakfast looked “good”.

“Looks good but should really have employed the sausage as a dam between egg and beans,” said one peas for breakfast fan.

“Good enough for me! Love peas and happy to have them for breakfast!” another stated.

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