B&M unveils its Giant Crunchie Bar and it’s the ultimate lockdown treat

We can't wait to try this!

Listen up Crunchie fans, this one is most definitely for you!

There’s no doubt about it, we’re all tucking into more treats during the coronavirus lockdown.

However, chocolate treats most definitely don’t come any bigger or better than B&M’s new offering.

The bargain store has unveiled its Giant Crunchie Bar and to Cadbury fans are excited is an understatement.

You can make B&M’s huge Giant Crunchie at home (Credit: B&M)

The Giant Crunchie features glorious bubbly honeycomb smothered in smooth Dairy Milk chocolate.

“I love Crunchies!!!!! I need me one of these,” said one fan.

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Well, sadly you can’t just pop into store and pick one up.

However, you can get all the ingredients you need to make one – and B&M has handily shared the recipe.

You will need: 400g sugar; 400g golden syrup; 6tsp bicarbonate of soda; 900g milk chocolate; and a silicone loaf tray.

Dairy Milk is, of course, recommend if you want that trademark Cadbury taste.

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The Giant Crunchie Bar serves up to 12, takes 5 minutes to prepare and three hours to cook and chill.

Ready, steady, cook!

First, melt your chocolate over boiling water and line the silicone loaf tray with it. Once the edges are lined, chill until set.

You’ll need a silicone loaf tin and a load of Dairy Milk (Credit: B&M)

Next, add golden syrup and sugar to a pan and heat on medium for 3 minutes.

Take the mixture off the heat and stir in the bicarbonate of soda. Quickly pour this into the chocolate silicone tray and chill until set.

Oh my god! How amazing does that look.

Melt some more chocolate and seal the giant bar with it by spreading all over. Chill until set.

Once it has set, cut it open and enjoy!

Crunchie fans on the B&M Instagram page couldn’t help but drool over the recipe video.

“Oh my god! How amazing does that look,” said one.

“OMG can you imagine this?!” said another tagging their pal.

“Oh my days!!!!!! I need this!!!!” another commented.

Aprons at the ready

Others were keen to give the Giant Crunchie Bar a shot.

“I think I could give it a go! Might need one of those plastic loaf tins tho!” said one.

“I’m gonna try this,” said another tagging her pal.

“I hope you plan on going on loads of walks to burn it off,” came the harsh reply!

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