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Battered pickled onions exist and fish and chip fans are going crazy for them

The deep-fried delicacy has been declared a 'game changer'

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Battered pickled onions exist and fish and chip fans are going crazy for them.

Yes, hot on the heels of the deep-fried Mars bar comes a new launch for food fans – deep-fried pickled onions.

“Fancy trying something a little bit different?” the Codfather fish and chip shop asked its customers.

“Love pickles and love batter, why not come try them together,” the Facebook post read, before introducing its new invention, battered pickled onions.

traditional fish and chips in paper from a chip shop
Fish and chips have just got a new accompaniment (Credit: Food And Drink/Shutterstock)

What are the new battered pickled onions like?

The new delicacy features pretty much what it says on the tin.

Chip shop pickled onions are plonked into batter and fried, much like a piece of cod.

And regulars at the shop in Cambuslang, Glasgow, are lapping them up!

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“That’s a yes from me,” said one soon-to-be customer. “Yummy.”

I would love to try that. They look delicious.

“OMG I need to try this,” said another.

“I would LOVE to try that,” another declared. “They look delicious.”

“This is a game changer,” said another.

Fancy trying something a little bit different 🤪

Love pickles and love batter why not come try them together 😱


Posted by Codfather fish and chips on Monday, 19 October 2020

But what do they actually taste like?

Another asked what they actually tasted like – and if the onion retained its pickle-like qualities.

“Has anyone had one? Is the onion cooked or is it still like biting into a pickle? It sounds amazing but only if it’s still a pickle inside,” they asked.

“Just been told the pickle is still cold and like a pickle inside,” they said. “Hot batter, cold pickle.”

Some were undecided, with a few wondering if they’d be nice or not.

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There’s one way to find out, posted one fan… Try them!

“Definitely coming your way when travel is allowed and I can resume my yearly trips to Scotland!” one pickled onion fan said.

Chip shop owner Amandeep Singh came up with the idea when he was looking for something new to batter.

He stumbled upon the jar of onions that he usually sells as a side and the rest, as they say, is history.

jar of Haywards pickled onions from sainsbury's
The new creation features pickled onions deep fried in batter (Credit: Sainsbury’s)

Chippy owner feels ‘fantastic’ following launch

Posting on Facebook after the launch had taken the chip shop world by storm, Amandeep said he was feeling “fantastic”.

He took to Facebook to thank fans for their support “with our new pickles in batter”.

He added: “So many good things said.”

If you happen to be in the area, the battered pickled onions cost 50p each or you can pick up five for £2.

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