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Amazon fan you wear around your neck is helping Brits beat the heatwave

It's been hailed as the "best invention ever"

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Brits are beating the heatwave with a pretty nifty Amazon fan that you wear around your neck.

The rechargeable fan costs £12.99 and even lights up.

The hands-free Amazon fan features a headphone-style design, so you can pretty much use it anywhere.

The blurb revealed: “Hang it around your neck – suitable for traveling in hot weather.”

fan from amazon
A new Amazon fan is helping Brits beat the heat (Credit: Amazon)

It added that it can also “save you from the embarrassment of dripping in sweat in public”.

Where can I buy the Amazon fan?

Where do you sign up? Why, on the Amazon product page here, of course!

And, what’s more, it can be dangling around your neck by tomorrow, because it’s available for next-day delivery on Prime.

The fan has three adjustable speed levels – low, medium and high.

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And, because the device actually features two fans, we reckon you’ll be hard pressed to find a more cooling portable product.

It’s been pictured being used while out exercising, but because the fan is also free standing, it’s the perfect addition to your home office desk.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts between two and a half and six hours, depending on what setting you use.

You can charge it on most computers and laptops using the handy included USB cable.

fan from amazon
The fan has three speeds and a rechargeable battery (Credit: Amazon)

Don’t just take our word for it though, the reviews for the fan from Amazon are pretty impressive.

One person has even declared it the “best invention ever”.

“It works brilliantly”

“This is the best invention ever! I wish I’d seen it at the start of the heatwave, it works brilliantly to keep you cool whilst staying hands free and I love that it’s USB charged so no pesky batteries to worry about,” they said.

They did have one word of advice for soon-to-be neck fan wearers.

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“It’s worth pointing out you have to be careful not to get your hair caught in the fans so probably better for people with short or tied-back hair… But other than that, I can’t recommend it enough!” they added.

I was excited when I got this delivered, tried it and it was amazing.

“If you are feeling the heat of today, you need a fan like this,” said another.

“Actually, since I’ve been using my fan, there have been a lot of people coming up to me asking all about it. I think if I was on commission, I would be top salesperson!” they added.

And, it appears, that while the fans are small, it’s what the device does with them that counts.

amazon fan
It also has colourful disco lights (Credit: Amazon)

“I was excited when I got this delivered, tried it and it was amazing,” said one happy customer.

They added: “The fans are small but very potent.”

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