Lemon Turkish Delight

Lemon Turkish Delight on sale for £1 at B&M and it’s ‘surprisingly’ nice

The rosewater-flavour chocolate bar has had a zesty update

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Lemon Turkish Delight exists and, if we’re entirely honest, we’re not sure how we feel about it.

Regular Fry’s Turkish Delight – a Cadbury product – features rosewater-flavoured Turkish delight covered in smooth milk chocolate.

It’s a divisive product, much like Marmite.

You either love it or you hate it.

Lemon Turkish Delight
Lemon flavour Turkish Delight is now on sale in B&M and it’s proving divisive (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

And now Fry’s has launched a new flavour that’s set to open up the debate all over again.

The Lemon Turkish Delight lowdown

Food blogger NewFoodsUK exclusively told ED! about the new find.

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Reece from NewFoods told us: “I’m not a huge rose Turkish Delight fan but I do like lemon! And surprisingly enjoyed this!”

In fact, he added: “I was shocked on how much I liked it!”

I’m not a huge rose Turkish Delight fan but I do like lemon! And surprisingly enjoyed this!

If you want to try it, head to your nearest B&M store, where it’s been spotted in packs of three for the bargain price of £1.

The new Turkish Delight features a jesty citrus-flavoured middle, which is coated in the same Cadbury milk chocolate.

“It does have a great lemon taste to it, to be honest,” Reece told ED!.

Lemon Turkish Delight
It features a lemon jelly middle and is smothered in milk chocolate (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

However, one word of warning for all those who think Turkish Delight isn’t exactly, erm, delightful.

“If you don’t like lemon or Turkish Delight, I’d avoid!” Reece laughed.

Brits are divided over the chocolate launch

His followers were, predictably, divided over the new food launch, however.

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One said: “Ooh lord this sounds rank.”

Another added: “Hmmm… Not a bit of me.”

A third agreed: “Don’t know if this sounds nice.”

“I’m very unsure,” said another.

However, some pointed out that lemon is the “usual flavour” for traditional Turkish delight.

The original rosewater-flavoured Turkish Delight is one of Cadbury’s most divisive sweets (Credit: Cadbury)

“I think it will be good. It’s the usual flavour for traditional Turkish delight!” they said.

Others admitted they were intrigued and would be trying it.

“Oh my word!! I so need to try these!!” one soon-to-be fan exclaimed.

“What the…!” said one excited sweetie fan.

It appears the jury is out!

The new flavour bar is on sale at B&M now for £1 for a pack of three so you can pick up a packet and decide for yourself.

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