Brits outraged after YouGov poll declares Magnums are actually ice lollies

Last time we checked they were made from ice cream!

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The sun is shining and it’s most definitely time to crack open the Magnums.

But do you think the indulgent frozen treats are an ice lolly or an ice cream?

Magnums feature a delicious ice cream centre that is coated in thick chocolate.

They come in milk, white, almond and ruby and some even have a layer of caramel sauce.

We don’t care what they’re classed as, we’ll scoff Magnums regardless (Credit: Pexels)

However, while we all pretty much agree that they’re delicious, the classification of Magnums as ice lollies has caused controversy.

When did the debate about Magnums start?

The rage started to bubble on July 31, when YouGov retweeted the results of its 2018 ice lolly poll.

“It’s a scorcher today, so here’s your summer reminder of Britons’ top five favourite ice lollies,” he said.

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Magnum came in first at 28%, Fab and Solero got 8% of the vote, Twister came in fourth with 7% and Feast scooped 6% of the votes.

If it’s frozen water it’s an ice lolly, if it’s frozen dairy it’s an ice cream bar. Magnums, Feasts and Soleros are ice cream bars.

However, should the ice cream-based lollies even be counted in the poll?

It’s most certainly caused controversy!

“Using the term ‘Ice Lolly’, means Feasts or Magnums cannot be included! There needs to be juice! Everyone knows that! Jeez!” said one lolly fan.

“I’d say only two of those are actually lollies, the others are ice creams,” declared another.

“Magnum is not an ice lolly – it is ice cream on a stick,” said a third.

Ice cream or ice lolly? (Credit: Unsplash)

“It’s not an ice lolly if it has chocolate,” said another. “Soleros are only just ice lollies.”

“Magnum’s not a lolly. It’s a choc-ice. If you stuck a stick in a frozen apple, it would still be an apple,” another offered.

Magnum itself describes its lollies as ice creams.

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On the description for the original Magnums, it reads: “Magnum Classic Ice Cream. The perfect balance of cracking Magnum chocolate and velvety smooth vanilla ice cream.”

So no mention of the words ice or lolly…

YouGov attempts to settle the argument

Another poll conducted by YouGov this week sought to settle the argument once and for all.

And, when the results came in, they showed that 59% of Brits don’t believe that a Magnum is an ice lolly.

“If it’s frozen water it’s an ice lolly, if it’s frozen dairy it’s an ice cream bar. Magnums, Feasts and Soleros are ice cream bars,” one user stated.

“You don’t have to ‘test’ this, it’s not about opinion, it’s about fact. A magnum is clearly not an ‘ice’ lolly, it’s a choc ice. I’m willing to concede ‘lolly’, but not ‘ice lolly’. Category error,” another said.

YouGov’s Matt Smith said: “YouGov’s previous survey on the nation’s five favourite ice lollies caused controversy as many felt that several of the winners were not eligible in the first place.”

He added: “Now, with temperatures predicted to reach 38˚C in some parts of the country, new YouGov research shows that most people think the Magnum – which romped to victory in the favourite lollies contest – isn’t an ice lolly at all.'”

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