A heart-shaped waffle filled with white chocolate cookie dough is on Creams’ Valentine’s menu

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Valentine’s Day looks set to be even sweeter this year thanks to a range of delicious new desserts launching at ice cream parlour Creams.

The UK’s leading dessert restaurant brand – with more than 80 stores nationwide – has launched a delicious new Valentine’s menu.

They say three’s a crowd but that most definitely isn’t the case when it comes to the trio of desserts that will be on offer from February 7 till 16.

The Valentine’s menu at Creams looks divine (Credit: Creams)

Sweet-toothed lovers will be able to choose from three decadent desserts created by top pastry chef Chris Bernard, who has brought a romantic twist to Creams’s classic favourites.

“These look amazing,” said one Instagram follower.

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“Look at these! Can we go for a date night?” another asked their beau.

First up, diners can look forward to Holey Crepe!, an exquisite hand-draw lace crepe filled with scoops of creamy piña colada, mint chocolate chip, rose and raspberry gelato.

It’s a steal at £7.95.

Holey Crepe! is filled with piña colada ice cream (Credit: Creams)

If that isn’t enough to tickle your tastebuds, the Waffle Cookie Dough n’Luv, also £7.95, is a sensational heart-shaped waffle filled with white chocolate cookie dough.

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It’s topped with fruity pomegranate gelato, a choice of vanilla soft serve or whipped cream, fresh strawberries and drizzled with white chocolate sauce and marshmallows.

The heart-shaped Waffle Cookie Dough n’Luv has our name all over it (Credit: Creams)

Finally, the Chocolate Parcel is one that’s designed for couples who love to share.

Look at these! Please can we go for a date night?

The delicious chocolate crepe, £11.90, will be all wrapped up and filled with oozing, melted chocolate fudge cake and topped with a dusting of icing sugar.

However, Creams doesn’t want to start any “you had more than me” arguments this February 14, so the Chocolate Parcel is also available in a single portion priced at £6.95.

The Chocolate Parcel is available to share or as a solo portion (Credit: Creams)

And, in even better news, if you fancy a cosy night in, all three desserts can also be delivered.

That way no one will know if you scoff all three by yourself!

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