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Wild China with Ray Mears: Star’s unusual link to killer Raoul Moat and his manhunt

The presenter was called in to help catch the killer in 2010

Presenter Ray Mears is currently starring in a new documentary series Wild China with Ray Mears.

The series – which airs tonight on ITV – sees Ray explore the geography of eight landscapes in China.

He tracks down native plants and iconic Chinese wildlife including giant pandas, pink dolphins and Asian elephants over seven episodes that travel the length of the country.

However, despite the TV bushcraft expert presenting documentaries these days, he has a strange link to murderer Raoul Moat.

Ray Mears: So why was the presenter called to help with Raoul Moat manhunt?

Raoul Moat was a killer who went on the run after shooting his ex-girlfriend and her current partner, as well as a police officer, in 2010.

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The police caught the killer after almost a week. He had been evading capture by hiding in various Northumberland locations, but was later cornered in a woodland area.

However, as the police attempted to track down Raoul, they called in Ray to assist in their mission.

The presenter said it was “important” to him that he use his skills as a tracker and nature expert to help in any way he could.

ray mears
Wild China star Ray Mears tracked killer Raoul Moat in 2010 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

So what happened to Raoul Moat?

“It was important to me that the truth was told. I’m a tracker and if you have that skill, you are duty bound to make it available,” he told The Guardian in 2013.

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After police’s attempts to negotiate with the criminal failed, Raoul died by suicide after a six-hour stand-off.

Wild China star Ray Mears ‘glad to be able to help’

Ray later criticised the press for accusing him of using the tragic situation for publicity purposes, saying he did all he could to keep his involvement in the mission secret.

“I’m very glad to have been able to help. The whole event was a tragedy, and there was no glory-seeking,” he explained.

The public didn’t trust Ray as a real expert, he felt, due to him being one television.

And he admitted he was left with a distrust of the press.

“What I saw of the press during that episode was a disgrace,” he said. “The net result is I would never trust 24-hour news coverage again.”

Wild China with Ray Mears is on ITV tonight (August 3) at 7.30pm. Catch-up episodes are available on the ITV Hub. 

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