Who wants to be a millionaire (Credit: ITV)

Take the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire quiz Charles Ingram cheated on – could you do any better?

The British Army Major had to resort to cheating

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Charles Ingram cheated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and won the jackpot.

But how would he have done if he hadn’t cheated? In fact, how do you think you could do without cheating?

Here are the exact questions the British Army Major was asked by host Chris Tarrant…

Charles Ingram Quiz Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Credit: ITV)
Charles Ingram cheated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Credit: ITV)

1. On which one of these would you air laundry? (£100)

A) Clothes dog

B) Clothes horse

C) Clothes rabbit

D) Clothes pig

2. What name is given to a person who is against increasing the powers of the European Union? (£200)

A) Euro-sceptic

B) Eurostar

C) Eurotrash

D) Eurovision

3. What is butterscotch? (£300)

A) Shortbread

B) Pavement game

C) Garden flower

D) Brittle toffee

The coughing scandal has been turned into an ITV drama called Quiz (Credit: ITV)

4. Which of these is the nickname for a famous Scottish army regiment? (£500)

A) Black cat

B) Black widow

C) Black Sea

D) Black watch

5. The Normans, who invaded and conquered England in 1066, spoke which language? (£1,000)

A) German

B) Norwegian

C) French

D) Danish

6. In Coronation Street, who is Audrey’s daughter? (£2,000)

A) Janice

B) Gail

C) Linda

D) Sally

Are Charles and Diana Ingram still married (Credit: Shutterstock)
Charles was helped by his wife Diana (Credit: Shutterstock)

7. The River Foyle is found in which part of the United Kingdom? (£4,000)

A) England

B) Scotland

C) Northern Ireland

D) Wales

8. Who was the second husband of Jacqueline Kennedy? (£8,000)

A) Adnan Khashoggi

B) Ronald Regan

C) Aristotle Onassis

D) Rupert Murdoch

9. Emmanthal is a cheese from which country? (£16,000)

A) France

B) Italy

C) Netherlands

D) Switzerland

10. Who had a hit UK album with ‘Born To Do It’, released in 2000? (£32,000)

A) Coldplay

B) Toploader

C) A1

D) Craig David

ITV series Quiz has been a huge hit with fans (Credit: ITV)

11. Gentleman v Players was an annual match between amateurs and professionals of which sport? (£64,000)

A) Lawn tennis

B) Rugby union

C) Polo

D) Cricket

12. The Ambassadors in the National Gallery is a painting by which artist? (£125,000)

A) Van Eyck

B) Holbein

C) Michaelangelo

D) Rembrandt

13. What type of garment is an Anthony Eden? (£250,000)

A) Overcoat

B) Hat

C) Shoe

D) Tie

14. Baron Haussman is best known for his planning of which city? (£500,000)

A) Rome

B) Paris

C) Berlin

D) Athens

15. A number one followed by 100 zeroes is known by what name? (£1 Million)

A) Googol

B) Megatron

C) Gigabit

D) Nanomole

Answers 1) B 2) A 3) D 4) D 5) C 6) B 7) C 8) C 9) D 10) D 11) D 12) B  13) B 14) B 15) A

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