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Too Close: ITV viewers rage as they ‘miss crucial chunk’ of finale as episode crashes

The psychological thriller came to an end last night

Too Close viewers were left fuming during last night’s finale as ITV unexpectedly crashed.

The drama followed the dangerous relationship between psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) and her high-profile patient Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough).

But as the three-part series came to a gripping end on Wednesday (April 14), fans were disappointed after the episode froze during an advertisement break.

Warning! Spoilers for episode three ahead. 

Emily Watson and Denise Gough in Too Close on ITV
Emily Watson and Denise Gough starred in Too Close (Credit: ITV)

Too Close: What happened during the finale?

During the third episode, viewers got to see the full extent of Connie’s mental health issues and what led her to the accident.

It was also revealed her young daughters did not die in the car accident.

Furthermore, as the series came to a close, Connie reunited with her two girls.

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Meanwhile, viewers learnt how Dr Robertson lost her young daughter Abigail.

In a flashback scene, it became apparent that Emma struggled to cope with Abigail’s behaviour.

It was later revealed she turned her back on her daughter to take a phone call, before her buggy rolled off the pavement and into a lorry.

Too Close viewers were left angered as ITV froze last night (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react?

Despite the gripping finale, some viewers claimed the episode was interrupted due to technical difficulties.

Taking to Twitter, one complained: “Invested three evenings of my life to #TooClose and then ITV freezes and we miss the most crucial part.”

A second wrote: “Catching up on #TooClose and it freezes! I thought my Sky box was playing up. Luckily Twitter is the go to place and find out that others had the same.”

I missed the most crucial bit!

A third said: “What a load of [bleep] @itvstudios! Freezes for almost five mins then comes back on right at the end. Not even an apology from the voice over guy! What a waste of 3 days!”

A fourth added: “WTF @itvlondon the last 10 minutes of #TooClose and the channel freezes!”

In addition, another fumed: “I missed the most crucial bit!”

However, others were full of praise for Denise Gough’s incredible performance.

One shared: “I’ve never seen such incredible acting. #DeniseGough is outstanding. Heartbreaking to watch.”

Furthermore, a second gushed: “I’ve never seen a psychotic break depicted so incredibly. The acting from Denise Gough is astounding #TooClose.”

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Another praised: “Stunning performances from Denise Gough and Emily Watson in the @itv drama #TooClose.”

“#TooClose on @ITV is the best drama I have seen in years,” said a fifth viewer, adding: “#DeniseGough should win every award going for her fantastic performance.”

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