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This Morning viewers grossed out by doctor who hasn’t showered with soap in four years

Dr. James Hamblin only rinses with water

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Viewers of This Morning were left grossed out by a doctor who said he hasn’t showered with soap in four years.

Dr. James Hamblin appeared on Monday’s show and insisted washing every day with body soaps and shampoos is bad for you.

James said if he needs to look presentable, he would just hop in the shower and rinse with water.

A guest on This Morning
Dr. James Hamblin appeared on This Morning today (Credit: ITV)

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What did he say?

Dr Hamblin said: “It took a while to get used to but I don’t smell at all.

“I have asked people, ‘do I smell?’ and they told me no. My wife says the same.”

Four years ago, James stopped using shampoos and body washes “as part of an experiment”.

He explained: “It was part of trying to be a little bit more minimalistic. I wanted to see personally if it was possible.

A guest on This Morning
James said washing with soaps can be bad for your health (Credit: ITV)

“At the same time, I was learning about the skin microbiome for a story I was working on.

“It turns out there’s trillions of micros all over you and I thought why are we washing them off if they’re something that could be helpful to us.

“So I started to experiment with this and before you know it, I haven’t gone back. I still wash my hands, but no body soaps, lotions or shampoos.”

It took a while to get used to but I don’t smell at all.

When asked about showering after exercising, James said: “If I need to look presentable in a short time, I would hop in the shower and rinse with water.

“You can do that quickly and easily. I’m not saying everyone should stop.

“The average person is probably just wasting some money on products and could do less.”

A guest on This Morning
Dr James advised people to gradually stop using products to shower (Credit: ITV)

He added: “Everyone has gone a few days without showering, usually it’s because we’re sick or travelling in extreme circumstances.

“We certainly feel gross and oily and smelly. But when you gradually ease off of things, maybe move to every other day or every three days.

‘Gradually stop using products’

“Gradually ease off of the products. You start to get used to it. It’s a slow process.”

Meanwhile, viewers weren’t keen on the idea and insisted they will continue to shower daily.

What did they say?

One person said on Twitter: “I have two showers a day, and no doctor is going to convince me otherwise.”


After that, another wrote: “I couldn’t work at home or start the day without showering.

“I know people who do, hygiene is everything, just like social distancing and hand sanitising.”

A third added: “This makes me feel like showering right now… again.”



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