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Saturday 11th July 2020

This Morning viewers divided by guest who returns clothes she's worn

The show's consumer editor called it "highly immoral"

Would you return clothes you've worn? That was one question This Morning duo Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield discussed on today's show.

Trinny Woodall recently sparked a debate after seemingly encouraging people to keep labels on their clothes in order to return them after they've been worn. While millionaire Trinny later explained she only meant it as a joke, This Morning managed to track down serial returner Nilufer Atik, who believes it's completely acceptable.

"For me it's no different to trying something on in the dressing room and someone else buying it," Nilufer insisted. "You might get an item tried on by 100 people before somebody buys it.

Consumer editor Alice Beer said it was "highly immoral" (Credit: ITV)

"What's the difference? So long as it's not damaged, if there's not a mark on it and if it's not damaged."

Nilufer admitted she usually takes back things she can't afford to keep, but would never dream of returning a pair of Primark leggings.

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Consumer editor Alice Beer joined in the debate and said although this practice isn’t technically illegal, she believes it is harmful to the high street, other customers and the environment.

"It's highly immoral in my opinion," Alice said, while 88 per cent of This Morning viewers also agreed that it shouldn't be done.

Nilufer Atik argued that it wasn't a problem (Credit: ITV)

One outraged viewer tweeted: "Would you return a pair of bra and knickers??? Come on think about it, what your basically saying is your loaning the clothes then return, you sound stupid!"

It's highly immoral in my opinion.

While someone who worked in a clothes shop wrote: "Watching this morning about the would you return clothes if you’ve worn it.

"I work in retail and we can’t refund clothes that have been worn, they are not in a sellable condition," they wrote.

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But a number of viewers admitted they had previously returned clothes they'd worn.

A third This Morning fan shared: "In my younger days we used to buy an outfit to go out, wear it then take it back to exchange for a new outfit for the next weekend!"

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