This Morning wizards

This Morning viewers baffled by guests who claim they’re ‘real-life wizards’

Jack and Ari explained how they live as wizards

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This Morning viewers are baffled today after two guests claimed they are “real-life wizards”.

Wizard of Christchurch, New Zealand, Jack, and his sorcerer’s apprentice, Ari, appeared on Tuesday’s programme

Jack explained his career is being a wizard and he compared it to doing crafts such as painting and music.

This Morning wizards
Jack and Ari claimed they’re real-life wizards on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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What did the This Morning wizards say?

Jack said: “50 years ago I was appointed wizard. I never called myself a wizard, it is what I am.”

Ari continued: “A lot of what we do is street philosophy, Jack has got me to read some very old books with some extraordinary ideas.”

Jack added: “I’m also classified by art directors of New Zealand as a living work of art.”

This Morning wizard
Jack said he’s classified as a living work of art (Credit: ITV)

When asked what people make of them in the street, Jack said: “The locals know me so well they’re like, ‘Hi Jack.’

“The tourists are sometimes a bit surprised and quite a few of them have heard of me anyway.

“There’s a rumour that New Zealand is a strange country which has wizards in it.”

This Morning wizards
Jack said he won’t retire because “wizards can’t retire” (Credit: ITV)

Host Eamonn Holmes asked: “Jack, are you thinking of retirement at all?”

Jack replied: “No, wizards can’t retire. We either have to drop dead or be outsmarted by some smarter wizard.”

I never called myself a wizard, it is what I am.

Ari added: “I’m here to support Jack for as long as he’ll keep going. I see a wizard as a community role.

“If the people want a Wizard of New Zealand once Jack is gone, then I’ll fulfill that position.”

Meanwhile, Ari also said he has set up a “wizard support group” on socia media to help the wizard community.

Some viewers couldn’t believe what they were watching.

What did This Morning viewers say?

One person said on Twitter: “Well done to #Eamonn and #Ruth for keeping a straight face through the wizard segment.”

Another wrote: “Typical day as a wizard: got up; got ridiculed; went back to bed.”

A third tweeted: “Real life mermaids, real life wizards… what next? Real life Father Christmas?”

Others loved Jack and Ari’s interview.

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