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This Morning fans slam ‘selfish’ woman breaking lockdown rules to spend birthday with sister

She said she doesn't see any issue with staying round her sister's

A This Morning viewer has been slammed after revealing plans to flout the lockdown rules to spend her birthday with her sister.

‘Emma’ phoned in to the show to reveal she was planning to ignore the rules to stay round her sister’s for the night.

She told agony aunt Vanessa Feltz that she’s been living alone and wants to spend her birthday with someone.

This Morning guest
‘Emma’ said she’s staying round her sister’s on her birthday (Credit: ITV)

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‘Emma’ said: “It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m going to go over to my sister’s.

“She’s going to cook me dinner.”

Host Phillip Schofield said: “You seem quite defiant.”

‘Emma’ replied: “Yeah a little bit. I live alone and she lives alone so her house is big enough so we can be social distanced.

“So I don’t really see any issue.”

Vanessa Feltz This Morning
Vanessa said ‘Emma’ shouldn’t stay round her sister’s (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa told her: “First I wish you a very happy birthday.

“Totally understand how incredibly lonely, isolating and boring it must be in lockdown on your own.

“Absolutely get why you would want to get together but the regulations say you must meet just one other person, it mustn’t even be in their garden.

‘I don’t really see any issue’

“It most definitely mustn’t be in their house because the virus roams much freer and affects more people inside than out.

“Ideally, you would celebrate with your sister. Maybe you bring your own picnic and you’d have it in the park.

“The moment you decide to go into her house, you know what you’re doing. You’re flouting the regulations.”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
‘Emma’ was defiant with her decision (Credit: ITV)

Phil suggested: “Has she got a big enough garden, the weather looks to be nice tomorrow. Would you eat outside?”

‘Emma’ said: “Well we might do but I’m going to spend the night.”

Well we might do but I’m going to spend the night.

Phil said: “Oh, you’re being completely defiant then.”

‘Emma’ said she and her sister haven’t had any contact with any other person and have only left their homes to go shopping.

Phil said: “Nothing we say is going to change your mind, you’re going aren’t you?” to which she said: “I am.”

Viewers weren’t impressed and criticised ‘Emma’ on Twitter.

What did they say?

One person said: “That lady going to her sister’s irritates me! I had my birthday during lockdown, I live alone.

“I’ve missed my sister’s birthday during lockdown. I haven’t seen my family since January.

“Don’t break rules, I need this lifted so I can go home.”

Another wrote: “Regardless of the rules Emma has decided she’s going to her sister’s since it’s her birthday.

‘Don’t break rules’

“Apparently COVID 19 won’t kill you or your loved ones on your birthday.”

A third added: “Why are people still breaking lockdown rules when there are still so many people dying.

“Absolutely breaks my heart how selfish some people are.”

One person defended ‘Emma’, writing: “If ‘Emma wants to go to her sister’s for her birthday after being isolated for 8 weeks’ then that’s her decision.

“She doesn’t share your fear and there’s plenty doing it already.

“If people ARE worried about coronavirus THEY should isolate.”

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