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The Wall: Brits are divided over ‘super annoying’ couple on Danny Dyer’s gameshow

Some viewers hoped they'd go home with nothing!

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BBC Danny Dyer gameshow The Wall divided viewers last night (November 14), with some branding the contestants on the episode “super annoying”.

The Saturday night show sees two people going head-to-head with the wall.

One half of the couple heads into isolation and answers questions, while the other watches as balls drop from the wall and hopefully into big-money slots.

However, some viewers took exception to the couple who appeared on the show last night – Welsh husband and wife Alison and Dan.

Danny Dyer on The Wall
Danny Dyer hosts BBC gameshow The Wall (Credit: BBC)

What happened on The Wall?

Dan headed into isolation to answer the questions while Alison stayed out with Danny to face the wall.

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However, she didn’t go down well with BBC viewers, one of whom hoped she would lose all the couple’s money and go home empty handed.

If you have a headache in the morning, don’t think it’s because of drink, it’s actually because of this woman on #TheWall.

So this couple are super annoying. How many times can one woman say ‘awesome’? I already want them to go home with nothing,” they posted to Twitter.

If you have a headache in the morning, don’t think it’s because of drink, it’s actually because of this woman on #TheWall,” said another of Alison’s shrieking.

Another agreed: “#thewall that woman is getting on my bloody nerves. Lots of wooing and awesome very OTT.”

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Others posted memes laughing when Alison’s balls dropped into the £1 slot, not adding much to her prize total.

Did anyone like the couple?

Some viewers were backing the couple, though.

One branded the haters “snides” and posted: “We were backing them all the way.”

“You’re just jealous because you haven’t won anything!” another stated.

Indeed, when Dan returned from isolation, the couple’s prize was duly revealed.

couple on The Wall on Saturday night
Alison and Dan were branded ‘super annoying’ on The Wall (Credit: BBC)

How much did they win?

After Alison lost all the money on the wall, it was time to see if Dan had signed the contact and secured more than £20,000 for the couple.

And, while some declared there was “no justice” after hearing the verdict, others were thrilled to see the couple go home with the money.

“I’m glad the Welsh couple on #thewall got the £20k they needed,” one viewer commented on Twitter.

Well deserved 20k win!” another declared.

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