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The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments: Viewers grossed out by ‘bone-scratching’ procedure

The documentary aired on BBC One

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The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments left BBC viewers fascinated and disgusted in equal measure.

The documentary, hosted by doctor Michael Mosley and journalist Mehreen Baig, takes a look at cosmetic surgery and investigates an apparent lack of regulation in the industry.

The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments
Part one of The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments was on last night (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers think of The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments?

Part one of the programme aired yesterday evening (Tuesday, August 25). It had some viewers nearly ‘fainting’ or feeling nauseated as it examined the treatments some people are willing to go through in the pursuit of beauty.

During one scene in The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments, a woman had her bones literally scratched.

Presenter Mehreen explained: “Stem cells [are] a medical advancement that could help with things like bone and tissue regeneration. They’re now being adopted by cosmetic surgeons who claim they can help rejuvenate the face.”

The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments
Mehreen Baig co-hosted the show with Dr Michael Mosley (Credit: BBC)

She met with cosmetic surgeon Tunc Tiryaki, who invited her to witness the procedure.

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Dr Tunc explained, as he roughly jabbed a needle in the patient’s face: “Scratch the bone. We inject the area with regenerative cells. In order to wake them up, because they are not active, we have to have a trigger a trauma. Then I just go in and scratch the surface of the bone, I’m creating trauma.”

The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments
The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments viewers were grossed out by some of the procedures (Credit: BBC)

‘Nearly fainted’ watching The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments

Some viewers at home found the documentary tough to watch.

One said on Twitter: “Nearly fainted at the jabbing.”

Another wrote: “Jesus [bleeping] Christ! No [bleeper] is ever scratching my bones!”

No way I would have any of these procedures.

A third wrote, alongside a vomiting emoji: “Laser or micro needling damaging skin to look younger, no thanks!”

Someone else said: “There is no way I would have any of these procedures – gruesome and scary. Too many needles, for a start!”

A fifth tweeted: “This is really interesting but my severe needle phobia is making it hard to watch.”

Another viewer said the show was actually making them want to have treatment.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be watching,” they tweeted. “Essentially I now want all these treatments! Fascinating stuff even for the needle-phobic like me #squeamish.”

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“[The show is] covering its subject very tastefully and with interesting detail. None of the patients demonised,” praised another, adding: “Still baffles me why anyone would part with hard earned to have work done. You can always tell.”

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