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Saturday 11th July 2020

The Chase's Bradley Walsh warns Jenny Ryan to 'settle down' after harsh comment about contestant

Jenny took no prisoners!

The Chase's Jenny Ryan was in no mood to play nicely this week, prompting host Bradley Walsh to give her a friendly warning.

Bradders had to tell Jenny - aka The Vixen - to "settle down" after she made a harsh comment about a losing contestant.

Jenny is usually one of the nicer chasers! (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday afternoon (July 31), Laura, Rosie, Anthony and Jude teamed up to face the chaser in the hope of winning some cash.

Laura was the first to step up in the quiz repeat and, after a weak cash builder, she faced Jenny with a 'could have done better' £2,000.

Refusing Jenny's low offer of £200, and the higher £20,000, Laura stuck in the middle hoping to make it back to her teammates.

Laura went home empty-handed (Credit: ITV)

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Sadly, luck was not on Laura's side and she failed to answer enough correct questions to join the team for the final chase.

Bradley consoled her by saying: "Oh Laura, I am so sorry, but your dream will come true.

It's not my job to reward people for being delightful.

"You'll do Route 66 and you'll love it, you'll get a Harley and you'll have the time of your life.

"Right now, unfortunately you have been caught Laura, and for you The Chase is over."

Laura wanted the money to travel Route 66 on a motorbike (Credit: ITV)

Once Laura had exited the stage, Bradley turned to Jenny saying: "She was delightful!"

However Jenny, living up to her vixenish alter-ego, bit back: "It's not my job to reward people for being delightful."


Viewers watched in glee as a shocked-looking Bradley shot back: "All right love, settle down!"

Fans weren't much more sympathetic, with one simply tweeting: "Bye Laura."

Another meanie wrote: "Laura one of the dumbest to ever go on The Chase."

"Laura as bright as a blackout," sniped a third.

Facing three in the final chase, The Vixen proved she was on fine form and eventually beat the trio of hopefuls.

But something tells us she didn't feel too guilty about it!

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