The Chase contestant Jenny and Bradley Walsh

The Chase: Viewers call contestant Jenny the show’s ‘best ever’

ITV viewers loved the retired hospital social worker

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The Chase viewers heaped praise on contestant Jenny yesterday, calling her the best the show has ever had and even suggesting she should become Prime Minister.

During Thursday (October 22) evening’s episode, host Bradley Walsh was joined in the studio by Jenny, Shamit, Bethan and John.

The Chase introduced viewers to contestant Jenny yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What happened with The Chase contestant Jenny?

Jenny, a 78-year-old retired hospital social worker, was the last to face chaser Anne Hegerty and the team had a prize pot of £14k.

Asked what she does with her free time, she said: “Not a lot, I muck about with my [14] grandchildren…”

Bradders asked how she would spend her money if she won and she told him: “Spend it on the grandchilden, I expect. What I’d really like to do, Brad, is put them all in a bus and take them off to Disneyland.”

Retiree Jenny was a hit with ITV viewers (Credit: ITV)

Host Bradley Walsh in stitches

Jenny got £4k in her cashbuilder and quipped afterwards, when Brad said she was good, that she was once good at football.

“I used to play a bit of football when I was very pregnant,” she said, causing Bradley to burst out laughing as she added: “I was very good in goal, I was so huge.”

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When Anne came back into the studio, Jenny said courteously: “Congratulations on your family show [Britain’s Brightest Family], it was absolutely wonderful.”

“Thank you…” said Anne, clearly taken aback. “I’m still going to be rude to you and then catch you.”

Jenny’s friendly comments caught Anne Hegerty off guard (Credit: ITV)

Bradley jokingly fumed at Anne getting all the attention and Jenny said: “Yeah I know you’re the boss.”

Jenny bravely took the high offer of £61k and, throughout her game, delighted viewers by calling Brad ‘darling’ or ‘Mr Walsh’, and the Governess ‘Ms Hegerty’.

Host Bradley Walsh was in stitches at Jenny’s goalkeeper story (Credit: ITV)

Jenny courteous to Anne Hegerty in defeat

Unfortunately, Anne caught her in the end.

“That’s the way it goes,” said Brad. “You played very well.”

“Not at all, so did she,” Jenny said, modestly. “Bye bye darling, thank you, sorry I messed you around.”

Brad replied: “You didn’t mess me around at all! I thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside you.”

Unfortunately, Jenny didn’t make it to the final chase (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase viewers say?

It seems viewers loved Jenny as they called her The Chase’s best ever contestant.

“Jenny, best contestant ever!” said one.

I bet Jenny could sort out the coronavirus and Brexit chaos in a morning.

“Think Jenny on #TheChase is now my all-time favourite player,” said another.

“Jenny on #TheChase today – polite, charming and witty. I wish everyone was like that,” tweeted someone else.

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A fourth wrote: “Never wanted anyone to get through more than Jenny. She’s a darling!”

“Jenny on tonight’s Chase is unreal,” said a fifth.

Others even called for her to lead the country, as one said: “Jenny for Prime Minister.”

Another echoed that, writing: “Jenny for PM #TheChase.”

Someone else said: “I bet Jenny could sort out the coronavirus and Brexit chaos in a morning. #TheChase.”

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