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The Chase: Viewers ‘happy’ as Mark Labbett defeats ‘annoying’ contestant

Tom boldly claimed he was better than Mark Labbett

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The Chase viewers appeared happy to see one man, Tom, defeated by Mark Labbett as they branded him the show’s ‘most annoying’ contestant.

The Beast was the chaser on Thursday (September 24) evening’s episode of the hit ITV game show.

Mark Labbett beats annoying contestant on The Chase
Mark Labbett beat a contestant on The Chase whom some viewers found annoying (Credit: ITV)

What happened with The Chase contestant Tom and why did viewers find him ‘annoying’?

Mark easily beat the first and second members of the team. When the third, 25-year-old manager Tom, stepped up to try his hand at the cash-builder he irked some viewers.

“I’m a bit of a thespian at heart, really,” he explained passionately. “Love a bit of am dram, a bit of panto. Always playing a pantomime dame.”

I’m better than that and I’m better than The Beast.

Asked how he would spend his winnings, Tom said: “I’m planning a bit of a round-the-world trip, stop off at some places I want to be. But ultimately, I’ve got a sister and her husband and two nephews in New Zealand. One of them I’ve never met, so I’d love to get out there and see them.”

Tom on The Chase
Tom irked viewers by claiming he was better than Mark Labbett (Credit: ITV)

However, Tom got just £2k in his cash-builder round. He said boldly: “I’m better than that and I’m better than The Beast.”

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“Well, we’ll find out,” host Bradley Walsh laughed.

Tom on The Chase
Bradley Walsh wasn’t so sure that Tom could beat The Beast (Credit: ITV)

The Beast came into the studio and put a high offer of £40k on the table, which Tom energetically took.

Unfortunately for Tom, he didn’t make it through.

Tom on The Chase
In the end, Tom didn’t make it though his head-to-head against Mark Labbett (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase viewers say?

Some viewers were glad to see him beaten after his comment about being better than The Beast.

One said on Twitter: “This might be the most annoying contestant #TheChase.”

Another tweeted: “Never been happier to see someone getting pumped off #TheChase than that [bleep] Tom there. What a [bleep].”

A third warned: “Don’t say that you’re better than The Beast, Tom, you [bleep] #TheChase.”

A fourth said: “Only here once Tom. Don’t try to showboat #TheChase.”

However, some viewers had to admit that as a plus, he certainly was “confident”.

The next contestant also failed to evade The Beast.

As per the rules when an entire team is caught, they nominated one member, Eddie, to come back and face the chaser alone.

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Eddie, a former member of the armed forces who served in the Falklands, set up a valiant 15 steps for Mark to beat.

However, in the end it wasn’t enough and the chaser caught him with 24 seconds remaining, denying the team their £4,000 prize pot.

– The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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