What are the worst team names in the history of The Apprentice?

The Apprentice: Worst ever team names in the show’s history

Who remembers this lot?

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The Apprentice team names are just some of the things fans love the show for.

And in tonight’s episode (Thursday January 20), we finally get to see male and female candidates get mixed up and put into different teams.

Yes… team names are back, and throughout its history, there have been some real corkers.

So what have been the worst team names in Apprentice history?

What are the worst team names in the history of The Apprentice?
The teams finally come up with names in this week’s episode (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice team names: Decadent

In 2010, the start of a new decade, one team selected a name that celebrated the word ‘decade’.

This was after ‘decathlon’ and ‘decaffeinated’ were considered. Yes, you read that right.

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Shockingly, although selecting ‘Decadent’ none of them knew what the word meant.

The dictionary says: “luxuriously self-indulgent” and “characterised by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline”.

In the end, Lord Sugar had to step in himself and order the team to change their name.

The Apprentice worst team names: Connexus

One survey quizzed 2,800 people and asked what they thought was the most confusing in Apprentice history.

Connexus came out on top with 26 per cent of the vote.

And it’s not difficult to see why – what does Connexus mean exactly?

Discount bus pass? Medical procedure? Superhero villain from outer space? Who knows?

What are the worst team names in the history of The Apprentice?
Lord Sugar ordered one team to change its name (Credit: BBC)


In the same year that The Apprentice gave us the team name of Connexus, it also gave us Versatile.

One of the wishy-washiest names in the show’s history, it suggested that they were a Jack of all trades and a master of nothing.

2015 – a vintage year for team names.


You can’t help saying the word ‘Graphene’ (if it is a word) in an Alan Partridge voice.

There’s something faux-macho and blokey about it.

Graphene is actually a single layer of carbon atoms.

And the team itself were a bit thin too – in the 2017 series the team mistakenly went to a medieval village instead of a quaint present-day one in order to shoot an advert for a brand new car.

And we haven’t even mentioned the chickens yet.

What are the worst team names in the history of The Apprentice?
Saira as team leader (Credit: BBC)

First Forte

Let’s go back to the very first series in 2005.

The women named themselves First Forte, which to this day no one knows what it really means.

Except for Saira Khan.

The person who went on to Loose Women and Celebrity Big Brother success actually headed up that team in series one… and ended up finishing runner-up to Tim Campbell at the end of the series.

The team name didn’t do her any harm in the end.


Not to be confused with Typhoo tea, the name Typhoon was suggested by team leader Camilla Ainsworth in an episode of the 2018 series.

Camilla wanted a name to reflect the “fast-paced” nature of the team and how they were “going to cause a storm in the boardroom”.

Still, it was better than another suggestion: Team Impetus. Which sounded like impotent.

So Team Typhoon it was. Milk and two sugars, please!

What are the worst team names in the history of The Apprentice?
Team Invicta mid-argument (Credit: BBC)


Posh people love Latin names. Or at least people who are trying to be posh.

Polo, royal sporting events, private schools… the list goes on.

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And in 2006, one Apprentice team thought it’d be a good idea to name themselves after the word that means ‘undefeated’ or ‘unconquered’.

We all know how that one worked out…

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