As Shama quits The Apprentice is it even worth watching now the one credible candidate has gone?

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The Apprentice has lost Shama, one of this series’ early favourites, after she dramatically quit the show.

Mum-of-five Shama, 41, drops the bombshell on this week’s show and fans are gutted about the leaked news.

Viewers were sad when they heard Shama quit The Apprentice
Shama drops the bombshell this week (Credit: BBC)

Why did Shama quit The Apprentice?

During the show – which airs on Thursday (January 20) – Shama tells Lord Alan Sugar the news.

“I would just like to say something, Lord Sugar, if that’s OK,” she says.

“I suffer from a condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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“Because of medical reasons, due to this process being so physically demanding, despite the efforts the whole team has made to support me, I’ve had to make a difficult decision to leave the process.”

A visibly surprised and upset Lord Sugar responds: “Well Shama, I’m really sad to hear that.

“I wish you and your family all the best for the future.”

Is The Apprentice worth watching now without Shama?

There is absolutely no denying that Shama stood held and shoulders above the crowd.

Not only was she experienced at life (hello, mum of five?!), but she seemed to have a good, no-nonsense personality and keen business sense.

In another sea of young chancers who thought they knew a lot about nothing, Shama had an edge to her that was intriguing.

So what do we think now she’s gone?

Of course The Apprentice is still worth watching because there’s still untold comedy moments to enjoy.

And that’s not including some people’s ‘journeys’. We really hope someone will emerge from the crowd and prove that they’re a worthy winner.

It’s just a great shame Shama won’t be one of them.

Viewers were sad when they heard Shama quit The Apprentice
Lord Sugar said he was sorry to hear the news (Credit: BBC)

How did fans react to the shock news?

As the news broke, fans of the BBC One show expressed their disappointment.

On Twitter, one viewer said: “Sorry you had to leave, Shama, as you had the potential to be the winning candidate.

“I understand about arthritic pain and hope you can overcome it. #TheApprentice.”

Another lamented: “Ah no, she was one of my tips to go far.”

A third commented: “Really hope Shama is alright.

“It is such a shame she has had to quit #TheApprentice due to health issues.”

Finally, one empathised with her: “Very sad to hear Shama quit The Apprentice. But health comes first. #TheApprentice.”

Viewers were sad when they heard Shama quit The Apprentice
Shama said she couldn’t carry on (Credit: BBC)

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune condition that attacks the joints.

This leads to swelling, pain and, in some cases, extreme pain and lack of movement.

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Shama continued: “Mentally, I was strong enough to carry on.

“But my body wasn’t allowing me to carry on. So I had no choice but to make a difficult decision like that.”

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