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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick’s dog Keira is doing ‘very well’ after being hit by a van

He previously said she was 'lucky to be alive'

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick‘s dog Keira is doing “very well” following her accident in the autumn.

Noel said Keira, who is 13, was “lucky to be alive” after being hit by a van.

After he posted a picture of himself with his beloved terrier on Father’s Day, his rep has now issued an update on how she’s doing.

supervet keira
Little Keira is doing ‘very well’ thanks to her Supervet dad (Credit: Channel 4)

How is Supervet Noel’s dog Keira doing?

Noel’s rep told ED!: “She’s very well.

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“Whatever he posts on his social media is the most up to date update you can get,” she added.

“But she’s doing well.”

How did Noel celebrate Father’s Day with Keira?

Noel celebrated Father’s Day with his “animal family”.

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Posting a picture of himself with Keira and his two pet cats, he said: “Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there who share the love of an animal companion.”

supervet keira
Noel feared the worst after Keira’s accident (Credit: Splash News)

So what actually happened to Keira?

Keira was hit by a van back in October 2020.

Supervet star Noel shared the news on his social media.

He said: “3 weeks ago my little girl, Keira, was hit by a van.

“She has been in a critical state and the fear of losing her has been overwhelming.

“Her outlook remains unknown. ”

“I hope & keep the faith that she will be OK.

“I’ll bring an update when the time is right. Thank you for caring.”

True to his word, Noel has issued an update.

He said that, although Keira has some scars, she “greets every day with a smile”.

Noel added: “She’s slower and more cautious now, as you would expect from what she’s been through in the past few months.

“She bears some scars of her trauma but her tail still wags with excitement when I come back into the office after every surgery – and she finds the opportunity for love and cuddles everywhere.”

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