Jack and Nikki in Silent Witness

Silent Witness fans are desperate for Nikki and Jack to get together… but will it ever happen?

It's about time, isn't it?

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Silent Witness pair Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) got close in last night’s episode (Monday September 27).

And now viewers are pleading for them to get together.

But will these two – who have grown close over the years – every get together? Viewers certainly hope so.

Silent Witness fans were delighted as Nikki and Jack got closer
Nikki and Jack grew closer last night (Credit: BBC)

What happened between Nikki and Jack in Silent Witness?

Last night’s episode had a bit of everything.

Yes, there was a murder (of course there was), and The Lyell Centre welcomed a new character to the team – Simone Turner (played by Genesis Lycea).

But there was also a storyline involving Jack – his brother Ryan was released from prison, and came to live with him and Conor.

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However, this emotional upheaval destabilised Jack and he was on edge for most of the episode.

So much so, Nikki stepped in to look after her best pal.

But with some of the looks the pair shared going beyond friendship, viewers wondered if – finally – these two were going to get together.


How did viewers react to As Nikki and Jack grew ever-more closer, viewers were beside themselves with delight.

In fact, they’ve already started their own hashtag for the couple – #Jakki.


Another wrote: “I’m loving all these little glares between Nikki and Jack OMG #SilentWitness.”

A third panted: “Nikki gently cupping Jack’s face I’m going to *scream*.”

Nikki in Silent Witness
Nikki took care of Jack (Credit: BBC)

Will Nikki and Jack really take their friendship to the next level?

In a recent interview in the Daily Express, both Emilia and David teased a romance between their two characters.

And the good news for #Jakki fans is that they did not rule anything out.

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Emilia said: “I would say Nikki makes some mistakes along the way in this series and gets caught up in some things which make life a bit complicated.

“And her relationship with Jack becomes very, very, key, particularly at the end of the series, and working out what they mean to each other.”

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