S Club reunion on Loose Women leaves viewers disappointed

But their appearance was still rollicking good fun!

The Loose Women had a bit of a Christmas party this afternoon, with the entertainment coming courtesy of S Club 3.

Wearing East 17-style white fluffy coats, the spin-off trio – Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh – closed the ITV show by performing a live version of their original band S Club 7’s hit Never Had A Dream Come True.

Except, erm, some viewers were convinced that the group weren’t singing live at all, but were in fact miming.

And many took to Twitter to slam the performance, with some claiming that S Club 3 should take a leaf out of Steps’ book…

The trio had an East 17 thing going on with their fluffy coats (Credit: ITV)

The former S Club 7 members are obviously pretty serious about their comeback – as well as embarking on a world tour next year, they’ve released a brand-new single, Family.

However, for today’s show, they drew on past glories with a rendition of their aforementioned UK number one.

And as the Loose Women panellists burst out of a side door to sway along with them, it was a few minutes of unadulterated fun.

Nevertheless, a fair few viewers were left unimpressed by what was coming out of S Club’s mouths (or, rather, what wasn’t).

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One fan tweeted: “Cannot get over how tragic S Club 3 are, miming so obviously to their old S Club 7 track on #LooseWomen.”

Another mocked: “Lmao at S Club 3 miming to the original S Club 7 track on Loose Women – what a joke! Seriously, guys, take note of @OfficialSteps – that is how you do a comeback.”

The panellists joined the group for a festive ‘singalong’ (Credit: ITV)

And a third viewer quipped: “@LooseWomen were doing a better job of miming than S Club 3! So much for a ‘live’ show.”

Others, however, just sat back and enjoyed the show.

So far, the group haven’t responded to the comments or confirmed if they were singing live or not.

Of course, one of the reasons S Club are now a threesome is that Hannah Spearritt has turned her attention to acting.

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Last year, the 36-year-old cropped up in Casualty, and she’s now signed up to play Kandice Taylor in EastEnders.

The last time all the original members of S Club 7 – Jo, Tina, Bradley, Hannah, Rachel Stevens, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee – performed together was in 2015 for the Bring It All Back Tour.

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