Real reason EastEnders’ Max married Rainie

It's a dark twist even for him!

EastEnders fans know that Max Branning is never far from trouble, and it’s been a brief waiting game since his  return this.

Max returned to Albert Square with his new bride, his former sister-in-law, Rainie Cross, and while few fans believed the couple were for real, Max’s motives remained a secret.

However, Friday night’s scenes revealed what the bald bad boy was really up to as he unveiled full details of his plan to win custody of his granddaughter, baby Abi.

Max and Rainie want custody of baby Abi (Credit: BBC)

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Abi was born prematurely when her mum, also Abi, was killed in a fatal accident at Christmas.

In recent months, it’s all been quiet on the baby news front, but Max most definitely hasn’t forgotten about her.

He has ‘married’ Rainie, his former wife Tanya’s sister, in a bid to convince social services that he can provide a stable home for his dead daughter’s baby.

The pair used Max’s brother Jack’s house as their ‘home’ yesterday, meeting social worker Calvin to start the process of winning custody while Cora Cross, Max’s former mother-in-law, is also attempting to provide a home for her great granddaughter.

Max soon revealed his true colours(Credit: BBC)

The game was almost up when Jack turned up at his house, and although Max managed to swat away his brother’s doubts over Max and Rainie’s relationship, viewers soon saw the truth when Max and Rainie returned to the office at the car lot.

Max, angry with Rainie for an unconvincing display in front of the social worker, called his fake wife “a crackhead loser”.

Rainie hit Max and questioned their arrangement, leading Max to describe it as “a business deal”. He went on to describe exactly what their arrangement is.

The pair had a huge argument (Credit: BBC)

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“Listen to me, Rainie, you ain’t gonna get a penny, not if I don’t get Abi,” he shouted. “So from now on, you better start working a damn sight harder.”

As Max’s plan became crystal clear, viewers were quick to show their shock.

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So while it’s no surprise that Max is up to no good, it seems not even the fans thought he’d be that scheming. But will he end up getting what he wants?

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