Piers Morgan puts Good Morning Britain colleague and DOI star Alex Beresford back in his box

Kidding or not kidding? You decide

We all know Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan can be a little, er, abrasive, but today he turned that sharp tongue on his colleague, Alex Beresford, telling him: “People are literally watching the show to listen to me, not you.”

The weather reporter was speaking to Piers, and co-host Susanna Reid after surviving another week on ITV’s Dancing On Ice, where he finished third on the leader board with a total score of 20.5.

The conversation started out playful – we think? – with the famously controversial presenter telling the weatherman he was now known as: “Bumbling Beresford.”

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Alex ignored the comment, instead discussing his technique with Susanna and telling her the judges had been “a lot tougher this week”. He then agreed with their comments that he was: “Holding something back.”

Without looking at his colleague once during the exchange, Piers interrupted the pair with another dig, adding: “He hasn’t got anything left in the locker – that is it.” Alex looked shocked, saying: “OK, Piers.”

Things took a turn for the awkward after Alex did a quick weather report, and Piers dryly commented: “That weather forecast was a bit like his ice skating technique – a little bit bumbling.”

He added: “Bring it, bring it, whatever’s left in that tank, bring it.” A miffed looking Alex responded: “Why don’t you talk less and I will bring it.”

Which is when Piers smirked and told him viewers were: “Literally watching the show to listen to me, not you.”

A slightly alarmed looking Susanna tried to break the tension, sighing heavily, and saying: “Oh dear, I’m glad I’m sitting in between you.”

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It comes after news that the famous newspaper editor was named Villain of the Year by NME magazine.

He has been shortlisted alongside the likes of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un as the most hated person in the world.

Piers reacted with pride, saying: “I’d love to win it.”

It’s so hard to tell when Piers Morgan is joking, we’re not even he knows.