This Morning debate

Phillip Schofield forced to step in as guests clash over childhood vaccinations

Viewers were divided over the issue

Phillip Schofield was forced to calm things down during a heated debate about vaccinations being given to children on today’s This Morning.

The presenter and co-star Holly Willoughby were joined by journalists and mothers Lottie Daley and Stephanie Nimmo after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he wouldn’t rule out the option of banning children from school if they are unvaccinated.

Lottie said she is a strong believer in not vaccinating your child while Stephanie revealed she was left completely deaf in her right ear after developing measles from not being vaccinated.

This Morning debate
The duo debated whether vaccinations should be given to children (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about Stephanie’s condition, Phil said: “There’s an example sitting here that you weren’t vaccinated but you’re deaf in your right ear.”

Lottie cut in: “You can find examples anywhere.”

Stephanie hit back: “The point is, we’ve almost been sanitised that a generation ago children were dying of measles.

“Because of the vaccination programme, we are not exposed to those deaths, we’re not seeing them.

“There are children and young people who are unable to have the vaccines because they’re immune suppressed and therefore, they are put at risk by unvaccinated children.”

This Morning guests
Stephanie (pictured left) was left completely deaf in her right ear after developing measles from not being vaccinated (Credit: ITV)

Stephanie also revealed her daughter is unable to be vaccinated because she was born with a rare genetic disease, meaning she was put at risk of contracting measles, mumps and “dying very painfully” of those.

Lottie said: “I think it’s selfish to demand children to be vaccinated when we do not know the ethicacy and the safety long term.

“There’s never been a trial that puts vaccinated and unvaccinated and health outcomes, there’s never [been one].

“Whilst I have every sympathy in the world for what you went through, for every parent that loses a child, but there is another side to this story. There are children dying from vaccines.”

As Stephanie began talking over Lottie, Phil interrupted: “Don’t talk over each other.”

This Morning guest
Lottie said she is a strong believer in not vaccinating your child (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were divided over the debate, with many siding with Stephanie.

One person said: “I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t vaccinate their child 🤷‍♀️ #ThisMorning @thismorning.”

Another wrote: “#thismorning I’m all for a debate but it’s a bit worrying this lady Lottie is scaremongering and may prevent people from having vaccines! People please vaccinate. Do your research don’t listen to this ignorant lady!”

A third added: “Why the hell would you not vaccinate your kids if they’re able to be?! SELFISH #thismorning.”

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However, another tweeted: “My child was damaged by vaccines! Therefore I didn’t vaccinate my 2nd. So my 2nd child should be denied an education because of this? Absolute nonsense!! #thismorning.”

Another wrote: “#thismorning I think it’s a parents choice not to vaccinate their children.”

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