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Neighbours SPOILER: Paul Robinson has shock liaison with another street resident

Will it lead to more?

Neighbours Paul Robinson has a reputation of being quite the lothario, but he’s fallen hard for Terese Willis and is determined to be the guy for her.

The problem is, Terese is engaged to Gary Canning and Paul can’t stand it.

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Paul is thrilled with Terese’s news (Credit: Channel 5)

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Terese however, also has feelings for Paul and she finally gives into them next week after receiving big news.

The first piece of positivity comes thanks to Paul himself who has secured her investment from the Udagawa family.

They had been considering withdrawing their stake in Lassiters Hotel, but after Paul passionately pleads Terese’s case, Mr Udagawa agrees to give her another chance.

Also on the up for Terese is news about her health. Her brother Nick Petrides reveals her tumours have shrunk after her recent treatment for breast cancer.

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Paul kisses Terese in the heat of the moment (Credit: Channel 5)

Absolutely thrilled, Terese wants to tell daughter Piper and fiance Gary the news, but when she sees Paul first she can’t resist telling him instead.

He’s so emotional by the revelation, he can’t help himself and passionately kisses her – and Terese responds!

But things don’t stop there, no siree, Paul and Terese soon fall into bed together.

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Terese can’t help but kiss Paul back (Credit: Channel 5)

Paul is smitten and really hopes this is the start of a romantic reunion with the woman he truly loves, but does she feel the same?

Nope, she feels terrible afterwards as they get dressed and her guilt rises when she realises Gary has planned a surprise engagement party for her and that’s what she’s going home to. Awkward.

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Terese has no intention of leaving Gary (Credit: Channel 5)

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Terese point blank refuses to end her relationship with Gary, leaving heartbroken Paul desperate to change her mind.

He’s forced to accept her decision for now, but this is Soapland – surely it’s only a matter of time before their night of passion is exposed?

How will Gary react when he finds out the truth? Will he still wed Terese? Or will Paul get his woman at last?

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