Nationwide lockdown ads

Nationwide accused of bringing Britain together in hatred of their lockdown ads

The commercials have been labelled a 'smugfest'

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If there’s one thing compounding the misery of rubbish TV during lockdown, it’s the annoying adverts that have surfaced.

The relationship between viewers and TV advertisers is testing at the best of times.

But with everyone now stressed out and fed up, it’s easier than ever to rile the masses with an annoying commercial.

And top of the list of offenders during this painful period is the new series of Nationwide ads.

The building society has decided to riff off the current coronavirus lockdown situation. But rather than connect to people, the gesture has irritated the majority!

One of the ads features a woman, Lauryn Smyth, filming herself in isolation talking to herself six months in the future.

Lauryn Smith Nationwide ads

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‘Look out for each other’

“Hello me, in six months time,” she begins. “First of all, sorry about all the weight gain. In my defence I was housebound and not wearing work trousers.”

She then asks how her future self is doing “because we actually mean it at the minute when we’re asking”.

She then says: “Keep looking out for each other. Don’t take each other for granted.”

Wonder if she charges by the hour for those pearls of wisdom?

Bride and gloom

Then there’s the one featuring the young couple who are due to be getting married.

They start their ad with the bride, Maria, saying: “Among the chaos and confusion, the only certainty I’ve got is in six months’ time we’ll be tying the knot.”

Groom Matt adds: “Our honeymoon might be a beer garden, our wedding meal a bag of crisps. But we’ll count our smiles as favours and high fives as wedding gifts.”

Rhyming for added irritation! And Matt might be being slightly optimistic about that beer garden…

The third commercial in the set sees pregnant Deanna tell her future self: “Remember clapping for carers with neighbours after a really wobbly day.

Deanna’s asking herself to remember (Credit: Nationwide)

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“Remember your friends who self-isolated as strictly as you so they could look after your kid while you gave birth to this one.”

Twitter’s groaning under the weight of criticism…

TV presenter India Willoughby has also stuck the boot in…

One person noted how often the ads are showing too, relieved to have a break…

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