Viewers have found a new TV ad to hate

Move over Nationwide's Flo & Joan, there's a new ad irritant in TV town

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Time to pack up your keyboard and whimsical harmonies into the back of that home removals van, singing sisters of the Nationwide ads – you’ve been toppled as the most irritating ad on TV.

Indeed, the Diet Coke ‘Because I Can’ commercial campaign is so annoying some viewers have joked on Twitter it was put together by rivals Pepsi.

“Is the new diet Coke ad with the annoying hipster supposed to discourage people from drinking it?” wondered @TheDeclineIRL.

Oh, get knotted (Credit: YouTube)

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Seems unlikely, really. But then again, so does the decision to let this advertorial atrocity be broadcast to a human audience.

Let’s start with the disparate YOLO stylings of the Diet Coke drinker who informs viewers her drink is “delicious” and “makes her feel good” in a sing-song tone that suggests she’s discovered a cure for all known illnesses, but it was no biggy, y’know?

What a facial expression… (Credit: YouTube)

She explains – almost giving her permission, or blessing – how people should “yurt it up” if they want to stay in a yurt. Or run a marathon, if that’s what tickles their fancy.

“Sounds super hard, but okay!” she frown-smiles, with just a smidgen of contempt.

And then comes the point you can almost taste the smugness through the TV screen.

With the confidence of an entitled toddler, she simpers: “If you want a Diet Coke, have a Diet Coke.”

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As this viewer comments, it comes off as very patronising.

After all, what does the Venn diagram of those people in the UK interested in yurts, marathons (not the chocolate bar FKA ‘Snickers’) and Diet Coke look like? We’re guessing the first and second subjects don’t approach the interest of the third.

This tweeter also feels the ad is trying too hard (while at the same time affecting to be laid back).

Even the chilled out, bubblegum pop sound design feels gratingly inauthentic – surely this is just a soundtrack for posers?

Another tweeter went as far to say the eerily similar US version of the ad – starring Gillian Jacobs – induced nausea. Sounds messy.

One devoted fan, however, insisted they would continue sipping Diet Coke – but despite of, rather than due to, the ad.

And that’s about as positive as reviews get for this Diet Coke ad.

But is this Diet Coke ad really the worst to ever offend your eyes and ears?

There is a long, long list of contenders and we’d love to hear which ads grind your gears the most over at our ED! Facebook page.

Here are the ad irritants currently needling the ED! office…

1) Diet Coke, obviously – are you not paying attention?

We’re telling you to ‘[bleep] off’ – because we can (Credit: YouTube

2) Nationwide’s singing sisters

Displeasing to our ears they may be, but matters have got out of hand with the singing sisters (Pic: YouTube)

3) Miss Dior ads with Natalie Portman

We know the feeling, Nat (Credit: Dior YouTube)

4) Singing baby AA ad

Look at this lovely child (Credit: YouTube)

5) Cow and Gate ‘Happy and You Know It’

Is this round-up scientific proof babies are irritating? (Credit: YouTube)

6) NESCAFÉ Gold ‘For the Moments That Matter’

Calm down mate, it’s just a cup of coffee.  (Credit: YouTube)

7) Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie!’

Boogie monster (Credit: YouTube)

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