Naked Attraction pubes

Naked Attraction viewers slam contestant Tansel over pubic hair comments

He likes things to be 'hygenic'

Naked Attraction viewers slammed contestant Tansel when he said he preferred women without pubic hair.

Tansel explained his preference despite earlier explaining that he wasn’t into “superficialness”.

Naked Attraction pubes
Tansel seemed obsessed with pubic hair on Naked Attraction (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Naked Attraction with Tansel and his pube-obsession?

Fashion designer Tansel appeared on Monday night’s show (May 11) and explained he was up for meeting “the one”.

He told host Anna Richardson that because of the nature of his job, “there’s no shortage of women around me but I’m tired of the superficialness, I’m ready to meet the one”.

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As the female contestants’ bodies were revealed step by step, he zeroed in on the subject of pubic hair.

“I prefer without personally as you can appreciate what’s there and that’s lovely,” he muttered.

As he walked past contestants who were shaven, he repeatedly mentioned the subject, even telling one shaven contestant that she had a “good sense of hygiene”.

How did viewers react?

Viewers immediately picked up on Tansel’s slight obsession with pubic hair.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Tired of superficialness, but he’s going to find a woman by judging her on her naked body.”

Why does he think that pubic hair isn’t hygienic???

Another wrote: “Why does he think that pubic hair isn’t hygienic???

“That’s literally its purpose. Educate yourself.”

A third commented: “Is calling the clean shaven women hygienic an indirect dig at the woman with the pubes?”

Naked Attraction pubes
Tansel and Lucy went out on a date on Channel 4 show Naked Attraction (Credit: Channel 4)

Who did Tansel pick for a date?

Despite his apparent antipathy towards pubes, Tansel actually picked Lucy – a woman with pubic hair.

One viewer hilariously said on Twitter: “Bush wins! Yes!”

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However, after going on a date and Lucy revealing that she likes to lead a polyamorous lifestyle, the two called it a day.

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