Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction viewers cringe over contestant’s manhood ‘talent’

The unique dating show provided another unusual moment

Naked Attraction viewers were left cringing last night (April 20), as a contestant showed off his bizarre manhood “talent”.

During Tuesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 show, host Anna Richardson was joined by singleton Kelly.

In a bid to win Kelly’s affections, one contestant demonstrated how he could twitch his penis up and down.

Naked Attraction viewers were left cringing as Kelly appeared on the show (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Naked Attraction?

Anna was left stunned by the skill, as she singled out the contestant’s penis.

She pointed out: “He can make his [bleep] move!”

Meanwhile, Kelly appeared just as impressed as she struggled to find the words for the twitching motion.

Imagine that talent!

She said: “Oh my god. Wow.”

Anna added: “Imagine that talent!”

Sadly, the singleton failed to land a date with Kelly and was soon sent packing.

Anna Richardson appeared impressed by the skill (Credit: Channel 4)

As he departed the studio, Anna said: “Take yourself and your twitchy willy through the arches.”

The disappointed contestant later claimed Kelly “didn’t appreciate my dance moves”.

And it appears viewers felt the same.

How did Channel 4 viewers react?

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Agghhhh #NakedAttraction he moves, it moves!!!!”

A second wrote: “Jesus Christ!”

In addition, a third added: “I say this all the time but can’t believe we watch this.”

Alongside a series of laughter emojis, another shared: “‘Take yourself and your twitchy Willy’. #nakedattraction.”

Furthermore, a fifth said: “That’s… that’s not how testicles work. #nakedattraction.”

In the end, Kelly eventually chose contestant Adam, admitting: “It’s the accent just topped it for me.”

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The hit Channel 4 series airs every Tuesday.

The controversial dating show sees a male and female contestant choose their dates from a series of naked bodies.

Meanwhile, on last week’s episode, viewers were left speechless as one singleton confessed he once caused a vaginal tear during sex.

Anna Richardson Naked Attraction
Naked Attraction airs every Tuesday (Credit: Channel 4)

Part time wrestler Iain explained: “Being a wrestler, there’s a lot of power involved. So this one time, it was all going pretty well, I was putting the power down, and then I slipped out.

“For me it was like punching a shark on the nose, banging against the wrong part you know, for her it sort of bled after that.”

When asked if he caused a vaginal tear, he added: “I sent her a Moonpig card.”

However, Anna couldn’t contain her laughter as she processed Iain’s apology gift.

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