Anna Friel as Marcella on ITV1

Marcella on ITV: Will there be a fourth series of the cop drama?

The series ended with a double bill of episode seven and eight

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Marcella series three ended tonight (Tuesday March 02 2021) with an explosive double bill finale – but will there be a fourth series of Marcella?

Will Anna Friel be back as the damaged cop, who suffers from life-threatening fugue states?

Here’s everything we know so far…


Anna Friel as Marcella on ITV1
Episode eight of series three began with Marcella/Keira and a dead body in a car boot (Credit: ITV1)

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Will there be a fourth series of Marcella?

Viewers who want to see more of Marcella will have to wait.

ITV have not yet confirmed if the series will return.

Although we have a strong feeling Anna Friel WILL be back as Marcella in 2022.

The crime drama was always intended to be a trilogy, according to actor Anna Friel, but a return after season three is possible.

Speaking ahead of the UK season launch, Anna said: “The end of the third season is very much left open.

“I guess it depends on how much the viewers like it.”

Keira and Finn in Marcella
Anna Friel as Keira/Marcella Backland and Aaron McCusker as Finn in Marcella series three (Credit: ITV1)

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What happened in series three episode seven of Marcella?

Viewers know that Marcella had been living in Belfast as an undercover detective.

She had taken on the identity of Keira and infiltrated the infamous Maguire family.

But as time passed, she began to settle into the character of Keira too well – and seemed to forget who she really was.

In episode seven, Marcella cut ties with her old life once and for all as she engineered to become the centre of the Maguire family with Finn.

But Marcella’s old conscience continued to threaten her.

She cut ties with Frank, after learning he was using her for his own personal vendetta against the Maguire’s.

With the mission now over, Marcella had a new objective…

She seduced Finn to take full control of the family away from his mother.

The shock of the confrontation caused Katherine to have a stroke.

Stacey in jail in Marcella
Kelly Gough as Stacey Maguire in Marcella series three (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the finale of series three?

The fault lines Marcella had set in motion within the family reached crisis point.

Marcella woke from a fugue in Finn’s car – with her hair brunette again, although she had no recollection of dying it.

She discovered something terrible in the boot of the car – the dead body of Matthew Gaskill – and the discovery seemed to change something inside her.

She felt the old Marcella returning, and decided to extract herself from the Maguire family.

And it was just in time, as Rory discovered Keira is, in fact, Marcella Backland. Her cover was blown.

Radio Times says: “This barmy crime drama ends with a full-on demented double bill as the monstrous Maguires battle each other for supremacy.”

At the end of series three, the majority of the Maguire family were all dead after an epic shoot out.

Marcella’s handler Frank was also deceased.

Marcella stole the Maguire fortune and orphaned baby Katy to start a new life.

She was last seen boarding a plane for an unknown destination…

Marcella concluded on Tuesday March 02 2021 with a double bill of episode seven and eight. The entire series is currently available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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