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Marcella limp: What has Anna Friel said about her ‘funny walk’ in the ITV drama?

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Does Marcella have a funny walk in the eponymously titled ITV drama?

This is a question many fans of the hit ITV and Netflix drama have been wondering in recent years.

Marcella, played by Anna Friel, appeared to take on an unusual walk in series two.

This left fans baffled, with some wondering if the character was suffering from an unconfirmed ailment.

Or if Anna herself was suffering. And now in series three, her walk appears to have changed completely once again.

anna friel in marcella
Anna as Marcella (Credit: ITV)

What did Anna Friel say about her walk on Marcella?

But Anna has hit back to negative Twitter responses about her walk in the past.

And insinuated that it was all part of the British police detective’s character development.

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Responding to a series of tweets, she admitted that her natural walk is a tad unusual.

But that the walk Marcella does is unique to this character.

Anna tweeted back in 2018: “I will admit to an unusual gate….yet Marcella walks like Marcella not Anna! Xxx.”

anna friel walk
Anna says her walk is nothing to worry about (Credit: SplashNews)

Then she declared: “Marcella has her own walk.. that’s all I can say.”

And finally: “Some characters have a funny walk.. Marcella is one of those. I self conscious [SIC]. Have no time and too many troubles to care what people think! X.”

So it seems her walk and limp are nothing to worry about.

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But rather an added complexity to the character that is Marcella.

Why does Marcella walk differently in series three?

But Anna says that Marcella walks differently once again in series three.

This is because she is now undercover in Belfast as Keira.

Speaking to Stylist, she explained: “Keira is a completely different character – she even walks differently!”

anna in marcella series three
Marcella looks – and walks – very differently in the latest series (Credit: ITV)

Before adding: “Well, she’s still not able to walk properly in a pair of heels, but she’s much more feminine and overtly sexual.

“She uses that sexuality as a tool because she’s not afraid anymore.”

What is Marcella about?

Marcella is a television series about a British detective operating in London.

Anna Friel stars as Marcella and the first series kicks off with her investigating the discovery of a murdered child.

anna friel at showbiz event
Anna says the role can be very taxing (Credit: SplashNews)

But by series three, she reemerges in Belfast and is now part of an undercover operation.

With blonde locks, she is now known as Keira Devlin and is infiltrating a gangster family.

What is wrong with Marcella?

Although Marcella is excellent at her job – this can be deterred by her reoccurring blackouts.

As her character suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

While speaking to The Sun, Anna said playing Marcella can leave her struggling both mentally and physically.

She said: “Sometimes I’ve got myself to such a state that I’ve kind of rushed into the trailer and thrown up because the cortisol levels have gone to such a high status and the body is being poisoned by the stress.”

When is series three of Marcella on?

Series three of Marcella has already started on ITV.

New episodes air on ITV at 9pm on Tuesdays. Previous episodes are available to stream on ITV Hub.

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