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Saturday 8th August 2020

Love Island's Anna and Jordan embroiled in blazing row as they reunite on Aftersun

Pair agree to go their separate way after another blazing row

Fresh from being dumped from the Love Island villa, former couple Anna and Jordan were reunited on the show's Aftersun spin-off - after Jordan stormed off after a blazing row with the stunning brunette.

In a pre-recorded segment on Sunday night's show, host Caroline Flack sent the warring pair on a date.

Sitting at a table on a terrace in the sun, Anna cut Jordan off as he tried to explain his actions – which saw him crack onto India behind Anna's back, just days after he asked Anna to be his girlfriend.

Sparks flew as Jordan and Anna went on a date to try and clear the air (Credit: ITV)

Anna told her former beau: "What you’re saying is a joke! Why did you ask me to be your girlfriend then?"

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"That's how I was feeling, at that time!" Jordan fired back.

"How does that make sense?" Anna quipped.

"When I said I wanted to be your girlfriend at that point I meant it and I meant it for the near future as well. I didn't just mean it at that point."

During the chat, Anna asked Jordan if he ever cared about her at all (Credit: ITV)

Calling him inconsiderate, she added: "Certain actions have a serious effect on other people! You have not been considerate!"

Taking responsibility for his actions, Jordan said: "I will stand up and apologise for the way I handled things. Obviously we are not right for each other."

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Clearly hurt, Anna asked if Jordan even cared for her at all and concluded that his apology wasn't "genuine".

"You need to actually sit there and not say you're sorry but act like you're sorry!" she said, before Jordan walked off, deciding that the pair should "just go our separate ways".

She also pointed the finger of blame at her former beau (Credit: ITV)

However, they were in for one last reunion – live on TV where they were grilled by host Caroline.

When I said I wanted to be your girlfriend at that point I meant it and I meant it for the near future. I didn't just mean it at that point.

Walking onto the Aftersun set together, Jordan and Anna sat side by side and admitted that "the dust had settled" a few days after leaving the villa.

Anna also revealed that Jordan had called her to see how she was feeling.

Jordan stormed off and said the pair should go their "separate ways" (Credit: ITV)

Looking a lot more civil, the pair reflected on their time in the villa and Anna revealed of their current relationship: "I wouldn’t say we are friends, but we’re civil."

Jordan said he hoped that, one day, relations between the pair would improve, with Anna giggling nervously as Jordan said he hoped they could be friends.

The couple were also reunited during a live chat on Aftersun (Credit: ITV)

He said: "In the villa the emotions were really raw and I don't blame you for handling things the way you did as it wasn't a nice feeling and I really hope in the future we can be friends."

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