Love Is Blind star Jessica

Love Is Blind’s Jessica admits she’s known co-star Kelly for 10 YEARS

They both didn't have much success on the show

Love Is Blind star Jessica Batten has revealed she’s actually known her co-star Kelly Chase for a decade.

The women took part in Netflix’s latest viral reality show, which is an experiment to test if love really is blind as participants get know the opposite sex through pods.

The couples ended up falling in love, getting engaged and some even tied the knot after seeing and spending time with each other.

Jessica has known Kelly for 10 years (Credit: Netflix)

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During the series, Jessica had a turbulent time as she fell for both Mark Cuevas and Matt Barnett.

But it seems she may have already knew one of her fellow ladies on the show before taking part.

Jessica and I actually met 10 or 11 years ago from an ex-boyfriend’s same social circle.

Jessica revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post that she and Kelly have known each other for 10 years.

A fan asked the star if she had known Kelly before the show and Jessica responded with a throwback photo of them together.

Alongside it, she wrote: “I’ve known Kel for 10 years!”

Kelly on Love Is Blind
Kenny and Kelly didn’t marry (Credit: Netflix)

Kelly also spilled details on their relationship, saying on her Instagram: “Jessica and I actually met 10 or 11 years ago from an ex-boyfriend’s same social circle.”

The posts have since been deleted.

Meanwhile, during the series, Jessica made it to the aisle but decided not to go through with the nuptials as she told Mark “I don’t” during the vows.

Kelly also didn’t end up getting married to Kenny Barnes despite their relationship seeming strong.

It was then revealed that Kelly and Kenny plotted to split weeks before the wedding episode.

Kenny explained on his Instagram: “We made an agreement weeks prior to the wedding day that we were not getting married, let alone remain being engaged.

Love Is Blind
Participants get to know each other through pods (Credit: Netflix)

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“Our emotions in response to that stress and exhaustion of filming (and of that particular moment) were very much real.

“For the record, the clip of me saying, ‘She’s the woman I’m supposed to be with’ was recorded in response to a hypothetical question asked/recorded weeks prior to that day.”

He added: “The experiment didn’t ‘work’ for us in the sense that we didn’t get married. But it did work for me in regards to personal development, mental toughness, patience and perseverance.

“I will always be proud of how I conducted myself in such a difficult situation. And I hope that the audience continue to reference my behaviour as a model for how we should all behave in moments of adversity and strain.”

Season one of Love is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

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