Loose Women viewers threaten to switch off in protest at guest panellist

She's been branded irrelevant

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Loose Women viewers are never slow to react if they aren’t enjoying something about the show.

And some were quick to take to Twitter today to grumble about the latest panellist.

You can’t please everyone (Credit: ITV)

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Rustie Lee, sometime darling of breakfast TV, was back – but not everyone watching at home was happy to see her.

Most seemed to object to the former celeb chef on the grounds that she just isn’t relevant in 2017.

One critic wrote on social media: “The moment you see Rustie Lee in the panel and you can’t get your coat on quick enough to go out.

“Arghhh, jeez, it’s not the 1980s.”

Another disgruntled viewer typed: “I thought Rustie Lee lost relevance about twenty years ago.”

A third wrote: “Rusty bullet hole is on Loose Women *turns down sound on TV*”

Ouch, no mincing of words, there, eh?

Regardless of some critics, there’s no denying that Rustie isn’t shy about sharing some shocking revelations about her private life.

In a conversation about whether signing up to Tinder constitutes cheating (SERIOUSLY?), Rustie revealed that her ex-husband was a cheat, and she would never tolerate such behaviour again.

Rustie hasn’t charmed everyone (Credit: ITV)

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She also dropped the bombshell that she met her second husband the night her marriage to her first husband had ended.

“There was no cooling off period,” she laughed.

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