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Monday 28th May 2018

Loose Women left embarrassed after awkward gaffe

Andrea McLean appeared to laugh it off

As embarrassing moments go, being snubbed on live TV is definitely up there – and today's Loose Women panel learnt that the hard way.

Returning from an ad break, the panel of four – Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Saira Khan and Janet Street-Porter – were left mortified after the audience failed to clap for them on the show.

Today's main host Andrea had just re-introduced each panellist to the audience, which would usually be met with applause – but there was none.

Andrea and the girls were a bit embarrassed by the lack of applause (Credit: ITV)

No – nothing could be heard in the audience, save for the beginnings of a solitary clap.

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Noticing the embarrassing silence, Andrea was forced to exclaim: "Oh, no applause? What?"

Thanks a lot! Tough crowd

Meanwhile, fellow host Linda tried to make a joke of it, saying: "Thanks a lot! Tough crowd –"

Andrea agreed with Linda, adding: "Seriously!"

Andrea McLean couldn't help but comment on the lack of applause (Credit: ITV)

Although all the panellists endeavoured to laugh through the awkwardness, you could tell it left a strange atmosphere in the air that no one in the studio audience gave them their usual applause.

The crowd did begin clapping eventually, though.

It was clear Linda Robson was shocked (Credit: ITV)

Alongside the panellists, this episode featured The Saturday's singer Frankie Bridge, who was on the programme to promote her new show, Cannonball, which she is co-hosting with former cricketer Freddie Flintoff.

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The show is a gameshow based in a custom-made water park, featuring contestants of all ages, with Frankie revealing the oldest was 73. Wow!

Frankie Bridge has gone from pop star to television presenter (Credit: ITV)

They also debated a controversial new style of "bootcamp-schooling", plus whether it's right to eavesdrop on another couple's conversation.

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