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Loose Women: Viewers left stunned by coronavirus whistleblower’s interview

Whistleblower Dr Yi-Meng Yan video-linked in from a secret location

Whistleblower Dr Yi-Meng Yan made an unlikely appearance on Loose Women this Friday.

ITV viewers were shocked when the Chinese doctor appeared from a secret location.

Here she claimed that coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab.

She also alleged that the Chinese government had tried to cover up COVID-19. And that she had to flee the country.

whistleblower doctor loose women
This Chinese doctor dropped several bombshell accusations on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

What did the whistleblower on Loose Women say?

Dr Yi-Meng Yan alleged that wet markets in Wuhan, China, did not cause coronavirus.

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The medic and scientist claimed a laboratory in Wuhan was behind COVID-19.

She said: “The market was a smokescreen – this virus is not from nature.”

And then confirmed: “It comes from a lab in Wuhan.”

stacey solomon
Stacey Solomon expressed concern as she spoke to the Doctor (Credit: ITV)

Viewer reaction to coronavirus whistleblower

The virologist said she received a threat she would ‘disappear’ if she made her findings public.

Now allegedly living in secret in the US, she claims the Chinese government has tried to discredit her.

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Finally, she said that evidence she will soon publish will scientifically prove that coronavirus was manmade.

Christine Lampard read out a lengthy statement from the Chinese Government and WHO (World Health Organisation) after.

loose women itv whistleblower
The hard-hitting interview surprised viewers (Credit: ITV)

WHO and the Chinese government deny coronavirus lab claims

They denied each of Dr Yi-Meng Yan’s accusations.

The interview created both confusion and awe among viewers.

Such a heavy hitting and controversial topic on Loose Women surprised many.

Others genuinely feared for the doctor’s personal safety.

One viewer tweeted: “Why is this interview on #loosewomen, shouldn’t it be on the news???”

Another suspicious viewer asked: “Why would a Chinese scientist coronavirus whistleblower choose Loose Women to expose her story!? Surely the news would have been a better option.”

christine lampared whistleblower
Christine Lampard read out responses from the Chinese government and WHO – both denied Dr Li-Meng Yan’s claims (Credit: ITV)

A third viewer exclaimed: “Whistleblower has come out and exposed that the Chinese government created COVID-19, not what I was expecting from Loose Women. #CovidUK #LooseWomen.”

A fourth user tweeted: “I’m actually speechless after listening to that lady about Coronavirus… I’m now very confused as to what the truth is #LooseWomen.”

A fifth user shared: “Really hope that brave doctor that escaped from China is protected at a top level of security after that interview on #LooseWomen.”

A fifth user speculated: “Possibly bitten off more than they can chew with this whistleblower. Of all the shows to get an exclusive like this i did expect #loosewomen possibly they are unaware it could be politically dangerous ground.”

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