Boris Johnson looks towards camera at Prince Philip memorial and Linda Robson talking on Loose Women

Loose Women today: Linda Robson under fire as she defends ‘decent’ Boris Johnson over ‘partygate’

Some people agreed with Linda's comments

Loose Women star Linda Robson divided viewers today when she appeared to defend Boris Johnson amid the ‘partygate’ scandal.

On Thursday’s show, the panel discussed whether we should “move on” from the ‘partygate’ scandal surrounding the Prime Minister and UK Government.

On Wednesday, Sue Gray’s report into the several gatherings which took place at Downing Street during lockdown was released.

Linda Robson explaining her point on Loose Women today May 26, 2022
Linda appeared to defend Boris Johnson on Loose Women today (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today

Yesterday, Mr Johnson said he would be taking “full responsibility for everything that took place on my watch”.

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On Thursday, the loose ladies discussed the outcome and debated whether Brits should now move on.

Nadia Sawalha was quick to slam the Prime Minister, saying she felt “sick to my stomach”.

Boris Johnson walking outside Downing Street while carrying a folder
The PM vowed to take “full responsibility” for the lockdown gatherings at Downing Street (Credit:

She added that she’s “not ready” to move on.

However, Linda had a different opinion and was quick to defend Mr Johnson as she branded him a “decent man”.

She said: “I live in Islington and I’ve seen Boris loads of times, he’s always riding around on his bike and we used to stop and have a chat.

“I do believe that not all of it was his fault.

Kaye Adams, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore speaking at panel on Loose Women today May 26, 2022
The panel discussed whether Brits should ‘move on’ from the ‘partygate’ scandal (Credit: ITV)

“I just think with what is going on in the world, can’t we just forget about it all now? Ukraine we’ve got, Texas [school shooting], all those children killed…”

Kaye then asked: “Why do you like him? What do you see in this man that Nadia clearly doesn’t see?”

Linda replied: “I just think, what happened with Covid no one could ever have expected this to happen.

“No one knew how to react or what was right and sometimes we did things we shouldn’t have done because every day the laws would change.

Linda Robson looks serious as she speaks on Loose Women today May 26, 2022
Viewers were divided over Linda’s comments about Mr Johnson (Credit: ITV)

Linda on Loose Women

“I’ve just spoken to him and I really like him. I think he’s a really decent man.”

Viewers weren’t happy with Linda’s comments as one said on Twitter: “I used to like Linda Robson until now that she’s actually sticking up for Boris Johnson and making excuses for him and his law breaking.”

Another person wrote: “Can we forget about it Linda?!? Can I forget my grandad dying from Covid in hospital on his own because we were not allowed to see him as we adhered to the rules set by the government!

“YET they PARTIED #LooseWomen I am with @nadiasawalha disgrace!”

A third tweeted: “I had to shield for months – I didn’t see a single friend or family member. I didn’t break ANY rules @LindaRobson58 and how you can really like a man who is a compulsive liar is beyond me.”

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However, others agreed with Linda as one added: “I am with Linda! Fed up of hearing about it now, time to move on!”

Another agreed: “I want them all to shut up about it purely because let’s face it – nothing will change.”

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