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Line Of Duty season 6 episode 4: Eight burning questions we desperately need the answers too!

Episode four sucked some serious diesel!

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Line Of Duty season 6 went past the halfway stage tonight (Sunday April 11) and the action was definitely turned up a notch or three.

Thrilling shoot-outs, deaths and more returning faces meant this episode of the crime drama had a bit of everything.

And, as per usual, it left us with more burning questions at the end of a breathless hour.

So where are we with only three episodes to go?


Ian Buckells Line Of Duty
Bent copper alert! (Credit: BBC)

What were the initials on Buckells’ phone in season 6 episode four of Line Of Duty?

AC-12 hauled DS Ian Buckells over the coals in this episode.

Buckells has had previous with AC-12 and a litany of disasters on Operation Lighthouse looks as though he’s either intensely incompetent or part of the whole conspiracy.

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Connie and Steve found that he did know dodgy witness Deborah Devereux from years before.

Her name appeared in Buckells’ phone as ‘Debbie RGT’, but other initialised numbers existed.

Connie read out the initials FAF, NA and BJL. Do these initials have significance?

Ted Hastings Line Of Duty
Is this end for Ted and AC-12? (Credit: BBC)

Will Line Of Duty season 6 spell the end for Ted and AC-12?

After AC-12 arrested Buckells, DCC Andrea Wise summoned Ted to her office.

Telling him that he was out of order over the arrest she also told him that his luck had run out.

She also said that he had “become unable to lead his team”. Mother of God!

She went on to tell him in no uncertain terms that he would be retiring with a full pension, and that AC-3, AC-9 and AC-12 would merge to form one stripped-down unit.

Furthermore, Wise said that anti-corruption ops would be cut by 90 per cent and he had one month until an announcement was made.

Poor Ted looked like a broken man, but this is Ted Hastings, the epitome of an old battle.

Could this really be the end for Ted or will he live on to suck more diesel?

Steve Arnott Line Of Duty
Steve is under the cosh because of his drug use (Credit: BBC)

What does Steve’s email from Occupational Health say?

At the end of episode three, Steve was summoned for a random drugs test.

Thanks to his increasing dependency on prescription painkillers, he was understandably nervous about giving a sample to AC-9 officers in the building.

While the result of the drugs test was not disclosed in this episode, Steve refused to open a succession of emails from Occupational Health.

So has Steve got away with it, or is he employing the old ‘if I don’t look at it, it doesn’t mean anything’ trick?

Jimmy Lakewell Line Of Duty
Jimmy returned to the series (Credit: BBC)

Did Jimmy Lakewell disclose intel to Steve in the van?

Viewers got a shock when dodgy lawyer Jimmy Lakewell returned to the show.

Involved in the Roz Huntley case from series four, Lakewell had been sent down thanks to his links to the OCG.

He was also the man who had a hand in putting Steve in a wheelchair.

Shared pasts aside, Steve recognised Jimmy’s voice on the Gail Vella tape, and they tried to get him to talk.

After arranging safe passage from prison and assuring him he would go into witness protection, the van Steve and co were escorting him in was hijacked by the OCG.

They’ll know I didn’t talk, so yes I hope [I’ll be safer in prison]. That’s right, isn’t it DI Arnott? I didn’t talk.

After a thrilling shoot-out, Jimmy still refused to talk.

“I’m a coward, not a fool,” he admitted.

“They’ll know I didn’t talk, so yes I hope [I’ll be safer in prison]. That’s right, isn’t it DI Arnott? I didn’t talk.”

As the two men were locked in a steely gaze and Hastings, Connie and Lakewell’s lawyer got up to leave the room, Steve gave Lakewell a little nod.

Does this mean Lakewell told him something when they were in the van during the shoot-out together?

Who was the man who killed Jimmy Lakewell in Line Of Duty season 6?

When Lakewell went back to his cell, he found Buckells there who explained that he was his new cellmate.

As he turned away, another character from a previous series – Lee Banks – stormed in and strangled Jimmy Lakewell to death.

Banks, a familiar face and killer of the OCG, was last seen in series five. Is he Carl Banks’ brother?

Vicky swaps Line of Duty for new crime drama Without Sin
Is Kate on to something with the weapons? (Credit: BBC)

Will the weapons used in the armed robbery, the murder of Gail Vella and the attempted hold-up lead to the OCG?

On a hunch, DI Kate Fleming decided to look closer into the weapons used during the armed robbery on the bookies in episode one, and the Gail Vella murder.

After interviewing one of the armed robbers, Kate and DS Chris Lomax deduced that the cartridge found at Gail Vella’s home and the weapons used in the armed robbery could be from the same source.

Forensics also found that the weapons used in the hold-up on the van transporting Steve and Jimmy Lakewell were untraceable workshop jobs, too.

If Kate follows this line of enquiry and finds the workshop the weapons were made in, will this crack the case?

Jo Davidson Line Of Duty
Whose DNA linked to Jo was in the house? (Credit: BBC)

Whose DNA other than Jo Davidson’s did they find in Farida’s flat?

The extended forensics search on Farida Jatri’s house bore fruit.

Some pretty sensational fruit, as it happens.

Not only did the team find Jo Davidson’s DNA in the house, but there was also someone else’s.

Presenting the findings to his boss, Steve told Hastings that “the analysis detected partial matches to a ‘nominal’ whose DNA is stored on other police databases.”

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“He’s identified over the page,” he continued.

“As we know sir, there’s only one credible explanation for Jo Davidson’s DNA matching with this individual. They’re blood relatives.”

While Ted let out a shocked “mother of God!” we were left to ponder: whose DNA did they find, and what relation are they to Jo Davidson?

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