Is Michelle’s OTHER son about to make a Corrie comeback?

We almost forgot they existed

Does anyone remember Michelle Connor’s son? Not Ryan who, as far as we know, is enjoying a high-flying career as a DJ in Ibiza. We’re talking about Alex, ‘Chelle’s real son.

Longterm Corrie fans will know that Ryan isn’t actually Michelle’s biological son, due to a baby mix-up at the hospital when ‘Chelle gave birth.

Michelle and her two sons (Credit: ITV)

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So what happened was Ryan grew up with Michelle and Alex grew up with the Neeson family. This all came to light when Nick Neeson tracked Ryan down and a DNA test confirmed it.

Then Ryan and Alex swapped homes (because it was apparently that simple), swapped back and it’s never been mentioned again.

But, according to a report in The Sunday People, Alex is heading back to the cobbles to see his biological mum.

Michelle will get a shock when she runs into Alex – now calling himself Ali – who is on a work placement in the Medical Centre near Coronation Street.

A source told the paper: “Ali settles himself in Weatherfield and seems happy to make friends with everyone else but gives his mum the cold shoulder.

Michelle’s had quite the year (Credit: ITV)

“It looks like he might have an ulterior motive. Is Michelle set for more heartbreak?”

We’re not sure just how much more heartbreak poor Michelle can take before she actually has a breakdown, mind you.

In the past 12 months alone she’s lost her baby, discovered her hubby fathered a child with a neighbour, was stalked and almost killed by an old flame, seen her boyfriend go to prison and turn grey overnight, then watched him have a cancer scare and gamble all their assets away.


Could Michelle’s long-lost and forgotten son be the thing that tips her over the edge?

Michelle (Kym Marsh) is currently involved in a storyline where she staged a robbery on the Bistro in an attempt to get back some of the money Robert lost gambling.

She was terrorised by Will (Credit: ITV)

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She got walloped over the head by Kate – who was enjoying an illicit romp with Rana at the time – and just about got out before the police arrived.

Luckily for ‘Chelle, Kate had turned off the CCTV meaning there was no evidence of Michelle being behind the break-in when the police checked it.

Although Robert has said the insurance company will pay out, Michelle’s sister-in-law and BFF, Carla Connor, is heading back to Weatherfield in the next week and will give Robert money to help Michelle out.