I’m A Celeb’s Toff teases Piers Morgan with suggestive tweet

Could we be seeing a new Mrs Morgan soon?

Queen of the Jungle Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo is currently single after splitting from boyfriend James Middleton… but perhaps not for long!

While the 23-year-old was over in Australia competing on I’m A Celebrity, there was some serious match-making going on behind her back at home.

Piers Morgan decided to play Cupid and set Toff up with his son, Spencer, after discovering the pair had been friends for years.

Twitter @spencermorgan93
They make a good looking couple, right? (Credit: Twitter @spencermorgan93)

And Toff’s now replied to say she’s up for it!

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Retweeting a photo of her and Spencer, she teased: “Piers ANYTHING is possible when your son and I are united over a bottle of apple sourz!”

She then added to Spencer: “When can we reunite?”

She’s open to a date! (Credit: Twitter)

Piers simply replied: “Whoa……!”

Toff’s fans found the whole thing rather funny, with many complimenting her on her choice of date booze: a good ol’ bottle of Apple Sourz!

Others cheekily asked if Toff really wanted Piers Morgan as a father in law!

Steady on guys, let them have a first date before talking marriage!

Piers started all this two weeks ago, while Toff was still in the jungle and he was interviewing her mother, Nicola, on Good Morning Britain.

Piers and Toff’s mum have been match-making! (Credit: ITV)

Piers told Nicola: “My eldest son Spencer revealed yesterday that he and Toff have been good friends for seven years.

“If she was to win and potentially become a multi-millionairess who knows – he’s single, she’s single.

“I’m game if you are Mrs Toffolo – an arranged marriage of some sort?”

A laughing Nicola simply replied: “Well, if he’s anything like his daddy, then yes!”

Toff loves clubbing with Piers’ son (Credit: ITV)

Then, when Toff herself appeared on GMB, Piers was straight in there!

“I’ve already got your mother’s approval for an arranged relationship, and it’s nothing to do with the fact that you’re about to be a multi-millionairess,” he told Toff.

“I’ve just chatted to Spencer, and he’s very, very happy now to progress things.”

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Laughing, Toff replied: “Oh, I can’t wait! I have to call your son a few times before he answers, so maybe after my win, he’ll answer first time!”

We’re sure he will, Toff!