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Hotel Portofino on Britbox: What’s it about, how many episodes is it and who’s in the cast?

It's a brand new period drama starring the wonderful Duckface from Four Weddings!

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Hotel Portofino on BritBox UK is a brand new period drama with a pretty location and a glam cast.

That’s a triple attraction from where we’re sat!

The series will launch on BritBox UK later this month.

Hotel Portofino follows a British family in Italy.

They open a hotel for upper class travellers (not the likes of us basically) on the magical Italian Riviera.

Here’s everything you need to know about the series on BritBox.

Hotel Portofino BritBox
Natascha McElhone as Bella Ainsworth (Credit: BritBox)

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Hotel Portofino on BritBox – what’s it about?

The series is a classic whodunit mystery.

Think Marple meets The Durrells meets Downton Abbey

The characters are hoping for some peace and quiet in post-WWI 1920s Italy.

Although the threat of WWII is already looming, with Benito Mussolini’s brand of fascism on the rise.

In the series, a British family open a lush hotel on the magical Italian Riviera for rich Brits.

The Hotel has only been open a few weeks, but the guests are already coming and everyone has baggage!

Not all of the guests are welcome, however.

A corrupt local politician quickly targets co-owner Bella Ainsworth.

Britbox describe the series as a “family drama full of emotional highs and lows”.

It’s a classic whodunit mystery which builds to a dramatic climax.

Count us in!

Writer Matt Baker created the series.

He’s known for Professor T and Before We Die.

What year is the series set?

Hotel Portofino is set after the war, in the so-called ‘Roaring 20s’.

Visitors to the hotel are hoping for a “fresh start after the war”.

They want the “chance to put all their troubles behind them”.

But it doesn’t quite work out like that…

For those of us too young to have been there (most of us then), the ‘Roaring 20s’ refers to a period of economic wealth in the US and Europe.

Anna Chancellor in Hotel Portofino on BritBox
Anna Chancellor as Lady Latchmere in Hotel Portofino (Credit: BritBox)

Hotel Portofino cast – who stars in the period drama?

The Truman Show actress Natascha McElhone takes the lead as Bella Ainsworth.

She switches Britain for setting up a hotel in Italy.

Home Fires star Mark Umbers plays her rich husband Cecil.

He’s obsessed with arranging a marriage for their son Lucian.

Meanwhile, Anna Chancellor plays the hotel’s most famous guest, Lady Latchmere (but also the most trouble).

Anna famously played Duckface in Four Wedding and a Funeral.

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Gomorrah actor Pasquale Esposito portrays dodgy Signor Danioni.

Pandora star Oliver Dench plays Bella’s wounded son, Lucian.

Meanwhile, newcomer Olivia Morris portrays her widowed daughter, Alice.

Other key cast includes Doctor Foster actor Adam James as Jack Turner.

The Bay‘s Imogen King stars as Melissa.

And Goodnight Sweetheart star Elizabeth Carling plays Betty Scanlon.

Where is the series set?

The BritBox series is set in an utterly charming “very English hotel on the Italian Riviera”.

Filming took place in Portofino in Italy and along the Croatian coast.

Much of the shots by the sea were in fact filmed not in Italy.

Cast and crew filmed the scenes on the Adriatic in Opatija, Croatia.

Adam James as Jack Turner
Adam James as Jack Turner in Hotel Portofino (Credit: BritBox)

Hotel Portofino BritBox episodes – how many parts?

Hotel Portofino on BritBox will be six episodes.

Each episode will be one hour long.

That’s six hours spent on the Italian Riviera without having to spend a penny (apart from the BritBox subscription, of course!).

Hotel Portofino start date and how to watch it

Hotel Portofino is launching on BritBox on Thursday January 27 2022.

It will air on ITV at some point in the future.

All episodes will be available to watch from the start date of Thursday January 27 2022.

Britbox will drop all episodes as a box-set for binge-watching.

Hotel Portofino will become available from Thursday January 27 2022 on BritBox.

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